100 Million Reasons to Switch from Akamai to Instart Logic

I used to think that in the world of web performance, speed was everything. It turns out that's not really true. So today Instart Logic made a significant announcement to help customers eliminate the biggest speed-killer of them all and get the performance they deserve.

What’s the biggest speed-killer? It’s the Akamai contract.

Instart Logic has consistently outperformed Akamai in head-to-head benchmarks, especially for devices connected via wireless networks (which is just about everyone, right?). We are winning the vast majority of opportunities for customers who crave performance and aren’t satisfied with the status quo. That’s contributed to very rapid growth and strong market momentum. But despite our overwhelming performance advantage, we aren’t winning every opportunity. Too many customers who want to switch find out they are locked into their Akamai contract for months, sometimes years.

Today Instart Logic announced a $100 Million performance upgrade program. We will buy out the contract of any customer switching from Akamai, up to an aggregate value of $100 million. Yes, One-Hundred-Million-Dollars (and a shout out to Dr Evil)!

You can find out more by reading our press release. If you are interested in finding out how much faster Instart Logic is than Akamai for your site, sign up for a free benchmark.

Now, speed really is everything in web performance!