What will be top of mind for digital ops in 2019? As speed and website performance remain key priorities, security issues with third-party tags will need to be addressed and solved. Here’s what we see as key priorities for digital ops in the coming year:


Third-party tags pose major security risks

  • The average consumer facing website now includes more than 30 third-party tags, each of which has full access to customer data. Most operations teams are not yet fully aware or in control of this security and compliance risk and will need to address this asap.
  • Compromised third-party tags will result in multiple major breaches of customer information, like the Magecart breach of British Airways in September 2018.
  • GDPR and other consumer privacy regulations will force digital operations teams to lock down third-party tags and these teams will become heavily responsible for meeting GDPR and privacy data compliance -- including the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act which goes into effect in January 2020 and is nearly as stringent as the GDPR.

Consumer performance expectations push website performance needs

  • Speed and website performance will remain top of mind as Google continues to push for improved performance (especially on mobile).
  • Digital teams will test AMP and Progressive Web Apps to meet consumer performance expectations.


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