What trends will shape advertising in 2019? As we look to the future, we’re seeing indications that things are shifting to put more control or leverage back in the hands of publishers. But what will that mean? And how will publishers need to change in order to meet the expectations of today’s buyers? Here’s what we predict:


Standards change

  • The industry will continue to tighten and evolve the standard for viewability and possibly drive toward reconsidering formal metrics
  • Acceptable Ads shall amend their standard to include some form of video ads
  • AMP Ads shall become mainstream on mobile landscape, thanks to Google Push

Voice & Video take the lead

  • Connected TV advertising will get more airtime as the new hot format
  • Voice ads will experience dramatic growth as brands test them out

Metrics that will matter

  • Leading publishers will begin to proactively stop delivering impressions to bots, offering clean audiences free of invalid traffic in return for higher CPMs
  • They’ll be an increasing emphasis on duration of ads as a new measurement of advertising value, meaning that simply getting an ad to “viewable” won’t be enough to satisfy progressive advertisers

Publishers take back control (sort of)

  • We’ll see the beginning of a movement to put control back into the hands of publishers as they measure and address malicious, heavy, broken, and data-collecting ad units (and the third parties riding with them) publishers will start to push back against this by collecting data and even blocking offending units
  • There’ll be additional innovative models to monetize users who don’t want to see digital ads either in the form of blended digital media content with product placements, rewards, credits, and other engaging models
  • In terms of 2019 digital advertising spend, Amazon will be the main beneficiary of marketer concerns over Facebook scandals and the brand safety implications thereof  Unlike Facebook, Amazon takes brand safety and consumer privacy incredibly seriously, protecting both is thoroughly ingrained in Amazon’s culture.


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