The New Year is fast approaching and as online retailers are in peak season, we’re looking at what’s ahead for ecommerce in 2019. One thing is clear, all online retailers will need to continue to focus on web and mobile performance and make investments to stay current with customer expectations to deliver faster, safer, and more reliable digital experiences. Here’s what we predict will be top of mind and trending in the next 12 months.

Our top 8 predictions for online retailers for 2019:

  1. To offer better performance, more immersive experiences and greater reliability during peak shopping seasons, retailers will increasingly rebuild their sites with progressive web app technology that offloads work to client devices.
  2. There will be accelerated investment in bringing in emerging technologies such as voice-assisted search, voice-assisted shopping, AR tools for enhancing the shopping experience, photo capture what you want to shop, drone delivery, hyper-targeting using AI/ML to fruition.  
  3. Personalization will continue to be a major investment area as brands try to differentiate themselves from Amazon and each other.
  4. Online retailers will continue to innovate through the use of third-party services to offer a differentiated experience.
  5. ‘Startup’ e-commerce companies like Bonobo, Jet, and MVMT will continue to grow and be acquired by large players trying to consolidate market share.
  6. Large omnichannel retailers like Target, Walmart, and Costco will start to close the digital consumer experience gap with Amazon through services like one-day shipping, great mobile shopping experiences, mobile-to-store customer flows, and ‘subscription product’ business models.
  7. Mobile and omnichannel experiences will continue to be important areas of growth as retailers, fast casual/fast food, and service businesses offer online ordering with in-store pickup.
  8. Economic uncertainty will drive investment decisions, and retailers will focus on ROI and cost reduction in response.

​What does this mean for your ecommerce business? The first step to staying competitive and relevant will be improving your website and application performance to increase differentiation and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Look at things like improving page performance, load times (pages that load within 3.5 seconds or less see a 28 percent higher conversion rate!), image optimization, unblocking ads, mobile performance, and security including bot management and protection.

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