Security from origin to browser: Announcing Instart’s Web App and API Protection platform

Security from origin to browser: Announcing Instart’s Web App and API Protection platform

Organizations are facing more security threats than ever before. In 2018 alone, billions of people were impacted by data breaches and cyberattacks. Increasingly, hackers and other bad actors are taking advantage of web app and API exploits  — in fact, this is one of the leading causes of data breaches, revenue loss, and brand damage.

Today, I’m happy to announce Instart is the first cloud-based security company to adequately address this problem. Our team has been working hard to deliver our Web App and API Protection (WAAP) platform — the first comprehensive security service, powered by a single rules engine and unified threat intelligence, to protect against application attacks from the origin to the browser.

Organizations need to protect their web apps against intelligent bots, browser-based threats via third-party code, and privacy regulations that penalize companies for compromised customer information. But not surprisingly,  security vulnerabilities attack methodologies are constantly evolving. To protect a modern web app, organizations must adopt innumerable detection, prevention, and remediation strategies.

That’s why Instart’s WAAP platform makes security easier than ever by protecting against a range of threats. The platform brings together the company’s security services — including Web Security, Bot Management, and Tag Control — with innovative threat intelligence and an experienced team of experts. The result is a single, comprehensive, self-service solution backed by a unified management framework and powerful rules engine that gives organizations protection of all their online properties via a platform that detects and combats security threats everywhere — at the origin, on the edge, and in the browser.

The Instart WAAP platform includes:

  • Instart Web Application Firewall and Instart DDoS Mitigation, which prevents sophisticated cyber attacks like distributed denial of service, cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and more using its web application firewall, DDoS protection capabilities, and powerful security rules.
  • Instart Bot Management, which detects and analyzes bot intent and blocks attacks from sophisticated malicious bots to prevent fraud and protect your brand.
  • Instart Web Skimming Protection, which gives you complete control of the JavaScript running in your customers’ browsers, including third-party tags, that can impact security, customer privacy, and the overall reliability of your website.
  • Instart Threat Intelligence, which combines multiple automated techniques, such as honeypots and third-party threat feeds to detect various cyberattacks and applies cross-customer learnings to automatically update rules.
  • Instart Managed Security Services, which provides a team of proactive security experts to help customers with implementation, rule creation, and incident response.

Modern web apps deliver immeasurable value for consumers, creating a more dynamic and engaging experience for them when they are on your site. However, the complexity of these apps can cause major headaches for IT teams, who often have to resort to implementing many inconsistent solutions to secure the range of attacks that now occur. With Instart, IT teams can rest easy knowing that our cloud-scale security solution will provide them with visibility and control over their web apps and APIs, from origin to edge to endpoint.