The Big Five

Instart Logic - 5-Year Anniversary cake

We are thrilled to announce that this past November marks Instart Logic’s five year anniversary. From a team of three to a giant office full of new faces each year, it is humbling to reflect on the many aspects of growth before your own eyes. Be it a dramatic increase in size, geographical expansion, or maintaining a close-knit community, we have made it through thick and thin and stand here today looking back at all that we have accomplished in the past year.

2015 was the year of expansion. We spanned across North America, expanded to Europe, and from each year to the next, our world-class team continues to grow to great heights. We began to build out in different regions this year and tap into other areas of talent to branch out and diversify. As we widened our horizons, our customer base grew. We now have over 400 domains, serving traffic for large customers like Office Depot, Washington Post, and Yellow Pages.

In the midst of all this expansion, however, it was imperative that we kept our culture alive. As the company was dramatically growing in size, we decided to huddle even closer together in order to maintain a sense of community. Being named the "Best Startup to Work for in America" by Business Insider this year is a testament to that. With the Thirsty Games competition held earlier this year, we brought all departments together and learned a little more about each other.

Through these years, we’ve made a great deal of progress. We continue to drive innovation and push the boundaries of what’s possible. This five year anniversary marks a significant time for us, and through all the trials and tribulations we couldn’t have come this far without our amazing team of employees, customers, and partners. It's a great feeling to look back on the past years and see how much we have achieved. We are excited to propel forward even further and see what the next years have in store for us. The Instart Logic team is 100% committed to pursuing our vision of making application delivery fast, secure and easy.