Blue Triangle and Instart Logic are making the Internet faster and more profitable

  • Samrah Khan, Instart Logic and Josh Carter, Blue Triangle
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Blue Triangle and Instart Logic are making the Internet faster and more profitable

Enterprises that invest in website performance are investing in their business.

In an era where shoppers expect lightning-fast experiences online, it comes as no surprise that brands are leaving millions of dollars on the table due to slow load times:

  • Amazon found that just 100 milliseconds of website latency causes a 1% drop in sales.
  • Google’s traffic dropped 20% after they slowed by 0.5 seconds, resulting a significant ad revenue loss.
  • Microsoft Store found 25% more revenue in 2015 from improving speed.

Whether you’re a developer looking for ways to improve speed, a marketer trying to drive higher conversion rates, or an executive growing revenue and market share, website performance is a worthy investment. Instart Logic and Blue Triangle’s joint offering will reduce bounce rates and increase conversions by improving the speed of your site, validating those improvements with actual dollars, and uncovering additional performance and revenue-related opportunities.

How it works

By combining the power of Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution with the unique capabilities of Blue Triangle’s real-time performance management and monitoring, the two companies are poised to make their customers more profitable than ever before. Implementation requires a simple DNS change for the Instart Logic service and a five-minute JavaScript tag insertion for the Blue Triangle solution. You are up and running in minutes rather than weeks. Together the two companies operate in a seamless 3-step process:

Step 1: Use Blue Triangle to identify what one second means to your business

If you are not an Instart Logic user, Blue Triangle will measure your site’s performance, create a baseline, and uncover the impact that latency has on your business. The granular analysis takes 2 weeks or less depending on your traffic volume and provides you with a clear ROI calculation. The recommendations are directly tied to Instart Logic’s power of the platform and feature capabilities (such as Image Transcoding & Adaptation, HTML & JavaScript Streaming).

Here is Blue Triangle’s Business Overview Report for an Outdoor Retailer:

For this retailer, focusing Instart Logic’s performance improvements on the content pages will bring little additional revenue, but improving the home page by just one second would result in $40K of additional revenue per week. This unique insight allows our customers to invest budget where there is the highest revenue impact.

Step 2: Implement Instart Logic and measure the business and performance improvements

The Instart Logic team will activate the service as needed and customers can choose to either run an A/B test (Instart Logic vs current) and compare the results or drive all traffic through Instart Logic. In addition, customers can use Blue Triangle’s revenue attribution and before/after performance metrics to measure the improvements.

Here’s an example of an A/B test between Instart Logic and a legacy CDN.

Validate your Instart Logic investment with Blue Triangle’s page-by-page revenue attribution. Here’s an example:

Step 3: Monitor and fine tune your website’s performance and Instart Logic configuration

Now you can reap the benefits of the joint solution. Easily manage your site’s performance all within one customer portal and find additional opportunities to speed up your site. This includes third-party tag governance, session-level analyses, and advanced reporting, as well as business and performance alerts.

Remember that you can always go back to the Blue Triangle Business Overview to see where you should focus additional optimizations. Blue Triangle and Instart Logic will be there every step of the way to ensure your application delivery configuration is tailored to your business needs!

About us

Instart Logic is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution that makes applications fast, secure, and easy to operate. Instart Logic’s platform combines machine learning, virtualization, and open APIs with a content delivery network (CDN) for global delivery. Using Instart Logic, enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually immersive and secure experiences on any device to maximize revenue, deliver superior customer experiences and gain competitive advantage.

Blue Triangle is the leader in web performance management and monitoring, predicting and quantifying the impact page speed has on revenue and conversions. Trusted by distinguished brands including Kohl’s, Marriott, and Microsoft, Blue Triangle empowers digital businesses with web performance insights that enable maximized revenues, faster customer experiences, and laser-focused optimizations.