Building a New Cloud-based Service by Thinking Mobile First

Today we started talking to the world about our fantastic team, and about how we are taking a radical new approach to solving critical problems in web user experience. Our technology journey and the results we are able to provide our customers are radically different than that of traditional approaches to improving web user experience. A big part of that is because we started entirely from scratch, with no pre-conceived notions of how the problem should be solved. We started with a diverse core engineering team with strengths in big data, virtualization, and highly distributed systems that, at the time, seemed to have little relevance to solving problems in web experience. And we started out by thinking Mobile First.

Traditional approaches to improving web user experience were born out of the PC era, during a time when desktop computers, wired network connections, and simple web sites dominated the landscape. These solutions attempted to solve problems that, at the time existed on web servers, in the datacenter, and in the core infrastructure of the Internet. Over the last few years, as the Internet, the devices connecting to it, and the web sites and applications delivered over it have changed so dramatically, these legacy solutions have tried to evolve with incremental features and enhancements that have failed to keep up with the rapidly changing world.

We decided to start from scratch and think about solving for the newer problems that have surfaced in this new post-PC era. In this new world, smartphones, tablets, and laptops dominate the landscape of devices, and web sites and applications are now rich, interactive, immersive experiences that are accessed over congested mobile and WiFi wireless access networks.

Modern web publishers are now adapting and designing by thinking mobile first, and now we think it’s time they be given tools that were developed by thinking the same way. So we decided from the start to think and build mobile first. As a result we took a very different approach, combining seemly unrelated technologies in virtualization, big data, browsers, and distributed systems to move beyond legacy approaches to build a system that was designed for the new world. The results we have achieved are stunning not just for mobile users but for any type of user. We are excited about sharing the details of our radical new approach with you later this year.

If you are a web publisher looking to enable an amazing web experience for your users, be it on mobile devices or wired desktops, we would love to work with you. We invite you to join our limited availability program and experience firsthand our radical new approach