Customer Base Up 500%; Customer Retention 100%

Our customer base has grown by 500% in the nine months since we launched our service. During this period of rapid growth, we haven’t lost a single customer. We believe that support is a big contributor to our overwhelming customer satisfaction.

Since launch, Support — which we call Customer Success at Instart Logic — has seen a quadrupling of ticket volume (on a weekly basis), and that’s good news. If you do the math, and we do every day, our support requests per customer are down by over 30%.

That speaks to the smooth onboarding and reliable operation of our web and cloud application delivery service. What about our response times? If you’re on the customer side, you probably know that response times often matter more to most IT professionals on a visceral level than the actual number of issues that arise.

Our average response time has always been much faster than our 30-minute SLA — and it remained that fast right through holiday periods. In fact, our documented response times have helped win new customers for Instart Logic. You’d be correct in concluding that the Customer Success department has scaled effectively along with the rapid growth of our customer base.

How We Achieve Fast Response

We strive to stop issues from impacting service by proactively monitoring and watching customers’ traffic and utilization, as well as deeply understanding their configurations.

We like to think of our customer support as a competitive advantage in the marketplace, because it is personalized—and included in our standard service pricing. You do not see that with the CDN players in the market. Every new customer tests out our customer support and compares our response time and quality to the CDNs. They find our response time is considerably faster than what they experience elsewhere.

No Usage Limits and No Extra Cost Here. If You Have an Issue, Call Us.

This is not to say CDN providers cannot deliver a fast support response. You can get an SLA commitment for fast, high-level support from leading CDN providers, but then you need to consider the cost and the limitations. You’ll pay a premium, in some cases a substantial added cost.

In comparison, Instart Logic imposes zero cost for our response guarantees; this is our Standard Support commitment. Moreover, the response at Instart Logic is from a qualified engineer; think of support level 3 quality.

Usage limits on support are often overlooked, too. Faster support from the major CDN providers is usually pay-per-use or they impose a limit, such as six incidents per quarter. By comparison, Instart Logic does not put a cap on support; we want you running smoothly and with confidence, not wondering if an issue is large enough to justify using up your quota for the month.

Support Should Be Part of Your Calculation

We do not publish resolution times (nor do our competitors), but I am at liberty to explain that resolutions generally fall into two groups: those that originate from sources other than Instart Logic and take longer to resolve, and those issues that originate with Instart Logic and are resolved very quickly.

When you consider switching from a CDN to Instart Logic, you probably evaluate performance and technology first, then look at the overall cost to make sure the changeover is feasible. Before you conclude that the cost is roughly equivalent, consider what you’d pay to obtain the same service level from that CDN. I think you’ll find that the support equation really tilts the TCO calculation in favor of the step that One Kings Lane, Wine.Com, Kongregate, Gogobot and other customers took: say goodbye to your CDN and come onboard at Instart Logic.

As noted in a previous blog post, we had major e-commerce customers come onboard during the holiday season. I am pleased to report that our onboarding remained fast and frictionless during that entire period of peak traffic.

The Metric Which Matters Above All Others: Retention

The most telling statement of whether a technology service and customer support are working well is customer retention. As mentioned above, Instart Logic has 100% customer retention, and in Customer Support we are working to keep it that way.

If I can ask you to remember three things about Instart Logic support, they’d be:

  • Response time far below our SLA time, at no extra cost and no monthly or quarterly usage limits.
  • Fast resolution — in part because a highly qualified engineer was involved in onboarding the customer, and understands the configuration and requirements.
  • Proactive monitoring services to head off problems. Google