Did Akamai Hire the Grinch?

The online sales phenomenon continued its meteoric increase this holiday season. ComScore reported that this Cyber Monday was the biggest ever — over $2B in e-commerce sales. Mobile commerce revenue is up more than 50% according to Internet Retailer.

Unfortunately, for some companies, this Holiday season got off to a rocky start. Panopta published a list of companies that experienced significant outages during the peak holiday shopping period. Outages during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday period mean lost customers, lower revenue and brand damage. One of the benefits of an application delivery system, even legacy CDNs, is that they improve site availability by 1) offloading demand from your web infrastructure and 2) protecting your site from DDoS and other malicious attacks (if they offer security capabilities like our recently announced ProxyWall).

I’m pleased to report that none of Instart Logic’s customers experienced any outages despite record levels of traffic. Looking at the Panopta list suggests that Akamai must have hired the Grinch because more than 40 companies on the list are Akamai customers. And that’s on desktop sites — where Akamai supposedly performs best! The list doesn’t include mobile site outages, like the widely-reported problems Best Buy’s mobile site experienced. Any guesses which CDN vendor serves that site?

Relying on the antiquated architecture inherent in all CDNs is increasingly risky. Application delivery in today’s mobile-first, cloud-centric era requires a software-based architecture that accelerates and protects sites end-to-end from web site to device. To quote my co-worker Paddy Ganti, “The Edge is not The End”.

Don’t let the Grinch steal your Christmas — there’s a better way. About a dozen of the companies on Panopta’s list have already contacted us to learn more. Our RIP Akamai program makes it easy so you should too!