Embrace the Mobile Mind Shift

Mobile Usage Shift

Mobile Growth is Astonishing

Never try to change people’s behavior. Always meet your users and customers where they are — no matter where they are doing business. More and more, users and potential customers are on their mobile devices. This year, we will see the 20 billionth mobile phone sold. Mobile devices have made the Internet more accessible to new populations and demographics. This rate of growth is expected to continue. It is estimated that mobile accounts for 30% of eCommerce in the US today.

User Experience = Performance = Engagement

In order to acquire new users and retain existing users, businesses need to focus on providing the best possible user experience. To me, a better user experience means I can download content faster, I can conduct transactions securely, and I can do this all from my mobile device. This good user experience will keep me coming back to the mobile website or mobile application.

Performance in a mobile-first world means two things:

  • Improving speeds on the last mile of a connection (the hop from the wireless tower to your device)
  • Adapting content to be delivered across a variety of screen sizes

Both these issues need to be solved effectively in order to improve the user experience on a mobile device.

Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

In order to be successful in the mobile environment you have to pick the right tools: from finding solutions to help you optimize content for delivery to delivering content users expect. Because of less than optimal experience — caused by latency and limited content served to smaller screens — mobile devices have not delivered on their promise to retailers that they can be an engaging channel for consumers. It has become a vicious circle: mobile devices haven’t delivered... consequently, retailers aren’t adequately focusing on the mobile customer experience.

You need to answer the following questions as you build your mobile app:

  • What’s my strategy for taking advantage of this growth in mobile traffic and devices?
  • Do I need to build a native mobile app or do I go with a mobile browser experience?
  • Do I have an app delivery provider that can work across mobile apps, mobile browsers and desktop browsers?

To find out the answers to some of these questions and more, join me and Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst Julie Ask. We will discuss how retailers can use the IDEA (identify, design, engineer, analyze) cycle to transform their customers’ experiences in a way that creates an engaging mobile moment that addresses this mind shift.

Internet Retailer Webinar Series:

Capturing Mobile Moments: How to Embrace The Mobile Mind Shift

Thursday, May 19, 2016

2:00pm EDT / 1:00pm CDT / 11:00am PDT (1 Hour)