Expanding our Digital Commerce Partner Ecosystem with IBM

IBM and Instart Logic

Building an optimized digital user experience takes time and energy. By 2018 over 50% of commerce sites will integrate technologies from more than 15 independent vendors according to Gartner. Ensuring interoperability of these technologies may prove to be a very time consuming process. Instart Logic wants to make this process a little easier and works to build partnerships with technology leaders. Over the past six months, Instart Logic has been working to validate and test our solution with leading Digital Commerce platforms and we have previously announced partnerships with Magento and Demandware as a part of this effort.

Today we are adding another leader in Digital Commerce to the mix: IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Commerce on Cloud. As an IBM Ready for Commerce partner, Instart Logic can help more retail customers accelerate performance and secure their e-commerce platforms.

By putting our solutions through the rigorous testing process to become a partner we ensure that our joint solutions provide value and customers can get up and running quickly. While each vendor has a slightly different testing process at a high level it includes:

  1. Identify an application to be tested - this can be either an existing demo application, a joint customer, or a new application can be spun up for testing
  2. Create test plan - what tools will be used for testing, features to be tested, metrics to collect etc
  3. Configure the test systems
  4. Execute tests
  5. Identify and resolve any issues
  6. Document the configurations

Using this testing framework, we tested AppSpeed and AppShield with IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Commerce on Cloud and saw speed index scores improve by 56%, start render time reduce by 60% and the document was completed 40% faster with Instart Logic.

Performance Improvements and Baseline

Performance Suite Benefits

The IBM Ready for Commerce solution is known as Performance Suite. The performance suite combines some of Instart Logic’s best capabilities from AppSpeed and AppShield: application virtualization, runtime optimizations, machine learning and security features like WAF, DDoS mitigation and scrubbing. The solution enables ultra-fast, immersive experiences for all users without having to worry about external threats that impact the enterprise or their customers.

We’ve put the Performance Suite to the test with our mutual customers and have cut load times in half. When customers are able to interact with your site faster they are more likely to stay and buy. We are excited to include IBM in our growing list of digital commerce partners. IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM commerce on Cloud customers can now easily make their applications faster and more secure.

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