Users are Cutting e-Commerce Companies Major Slack on Mobile Experiences

Frustrated Mobile User

A site’s performance on mobile is really important, but industry consistency isn’t there. Customer experience is frustrating at best.

You get the impulse to do research on a product and you want to complete a purchase on your phone. Along with many other potential customers, your efforts are often thwarted by endless white screen time, poor navigation, a mixture of slow and fast load times when you click through a site, and if you make it there, trouble with your transaction. You probably end up refreshing the page, waiting, and often giving up at some point during the process, only to file the impulse in the back of your mind for the next time that you are in front of your laptop. Busy lives often lead to forgetting to go back to that site and finish up or losing your impulse to buy almost entirely.

Mobile shopper support group - Speed matters

But, all’s not lost for an e-Commerce company

Consumers will cut you a little slack when it comes to mobile experience. When Instart Logic conducted a survey of 2000 consumers, only 27% said that they would lose confidence in a brand if their mobile site was slow to load or didn’t function properly. One very possible explanation for the reason people are so forgiving of brands on mobile is because they direct their blame on their phone/network/wifi connection instead of the brand. That means that though sites are losing out on transactions, they’re not losing them forever. Here are the facts that back up this claim: 35% of people said they’d come back after a few minutes to the site/app after it failed to load, and an additional 27% said they’d just keep refreshing until something showed up.

Here are the top 4 performance issues that are holding back customer spend on mobile:

  • Internet speed: 55% said that this is what stopped them from spending (more)
  • Navigation: 58% said that in general, most sites are too complicated to navigate on their phone and transactions are not easy to make
  • Security: 76% of people are concerned about companies storing their credit card information
  • UI: 57% said that their screens are too small

Well, you can’t do anything about the internet speed, but you can optimize your site to offset that issue. Here are the top 3 areas companies need to improve in order to increase mobile sales:

  • Speed: 59% of people said that if the app/site was faster on mobile, they’d shop more. Optimizations such as FEO that go into your code can be tricky and brittle. No big deal but at Instart Logic, we can reduce the size of your fat site without touching any code.
  • Security: 43% said that they’d spend more if sites were more secure. Are you PCI Level 1-compliant and do you have web security?
  • Navigation: a staggering 92% of people said, “make your navigation easier for me!” They really want every page to be fast, easy to navigate to and from, and their ability to make a transaction a lot easier. At Instart Logic, not only do we have a content delivery network as part of our platform, but we also have application-level capabilities to make every part of your website super speedy.

So there you have it. This is a second chance for e-Commerce companies to grab some of that cash off the table! All you have to do is provide a faster, more secure experience on mobile to convert browsers into purchasers.

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