Instart Announces Partnership with Oracle

Oracle and Instart Logic

The benefits of increased collaboration and decreased capital expenditures made possible by cloud computing are hard for companies to ignore. According to RightScale's 2016 State of the Cloud report, 95% of businesses use cloud technology. The use of public, private and hybrid cloud environments is still on the rise. At Instart Logic, we understand the benefits provided by cloud computing and are excited to announce our partnership with Oracle's Cloud Platform.

Oracle's Cloud Platform

The best practices in cloud computing span across business processes to provide a consistent, optimized user experience with integrated information and reports. The Oracle Cloud platform provides companies the tools to rapidly build and deploy scalable enterprise applications.

Oracle Cloud empowers business users to easily change and customize their experience. As successful businesses become more complex to meet growing customer demands, they realize it's increasingly important to ensure performance is as fast as possible to provide a seamless, quality experience.

What this Partnership Means

Our partnership signals Oracle's acknowledgement of Instart's expertise in the areas of performance acceleration and security as a trusted partner for Oracle Cloud Services customers.

Instart has the capability to provide Oracle's clients with innovative solutions for their Oracle Cloud products, including advanced analytics, end-to-end security capabilities, application performance for web, mobile web and mobile applications.

In addition, Oracle Commerce platform customers can also integrate with Instart Logic's world-renowned endpoint-aware application delivery solution to increase consumer engagement and improve shopping cart conversions. At the same time, customers can leverage Instart's AppShield security suite, including a web application firewall (WAF), DDoS mitigation, and malicious bot prevention, to secure their application from origin to endpoint.

In the near future, we will leverage this integration for Oracle customers using Bare Metal Provisioning or Oracle Compute as a packaged service.

To ensure compatibility with Oracle Cloud-hosted applications, Instart went through an extensive verification process. We value convenience, so we make it easy for Oracle Cloud customers to integrate with Instart without requiring any code changes to their applications.

Enterprises leveraging this unique joint offering of Oracle's robust cloud solutions combined with our performance and security services will be well-equipped to provide superior value to their consumers and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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