Instart Logic + Demandware Integration Delivers Faster, Secure and Best Customer Experiences for Enterprises

Demandware-Instart Logic Solution

If you browse the web (and you most certainly do if you’re reading this blog), you understand how important website load times are to user experience. But, to put it simply, some companies care more than others about web performance, as their bottom lines are more directly impacted by fast or slow load times than the average website. More than almost anyone else, eCommerce companies require a beautiful, immersive website that will render and load quickly on any device for every user—to have anything else is leaving money on the table. So, with this in mind, we are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Demandware, the industry's most agile and scalable eCommerce platform.

Increased Agility, Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

Demandware’s industry-leading cloud platform is the digital backbone for hundreds of retail brands around the world, powering commerce across web, mobile, social and store channels. As part of our partnership, Instart Logic will be able to serve as a proxy between the Demandware application and the end-user, routing all requests and responses through the Instart Logic service. By making it quick and easy to integrate our application delivery platform with Demandware’s eCommerce solution, we can jointly enable companies to deliver the fastest, most engaging omni-channel shopping experience possible across any device, in turn helping customers cut bounce rates while boosting conversion rates and user engagement.

Though the official partnership has just been announced, several companies, like Kate Spade and L’Oreal, are already using the joint Demandware-Instart Logic solution.

Our end-to-end platform utilizes machine learning technology to optimize performance and security in unique and innovative ways, while at the same time our content delivery network lies as the key hardware foundation beneath our patented software layer. With this partnership, our platform can sit as a proxy in between the browser and the Demandware origin, allowing us to dramatically accelerate and secure the delivery of content from the Demandware platform to the end user. Requiring only a simple DNS configuration change, using the Instart Logic service as a Demandware customer is simple and straightforward.

Speed and Scale for Demandware customers

This combined solution will also help customers scale their sites to handle surges during peak times – like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the day that super sweet pair of pants goes on sale – while still maintaining reliably fast performance. We also provide an added security layer to protect against malicious attacks and offload the back-end.

Page load times should be important to anyone who owns or maintains a website. But given the reality that some people care more than others, we want to make sure that those who seek to build a world-class eCommerce destination can deliver the web performance integral to being just that. We, like Demandware, exist to help companies provide the best online experience possible, to make sure that every customer, both ours and yours, goes home happy. Through this partnership, we’re hopeful that a great many more eCommerce sites will be able to deliver the fast, reliable web experiences that their customers expect.


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