Instart Logic expands its global footprint to China

Instart Logic and ChinaCache partnership

With 632 million Internet users originating in China, it’s no surprise that many companies are trying to tap into its growing online consumer base. The e-commerce market is booming and there are no signs of it slowing down. However, providing content to China is challenging and has a unique set of requirements. Some websites delivering content to China from outside of the Great Firewall have been blocked or are unbearably slow, making the end user experience painful. By having an in-country China web delivery solution, the quality of the user experience is dramatically improved, which has a critical impact on branding, image, and revenue generation.

Today, Instart Logic and ChinaCache are announcing a strategic partnership to accelerate and optimize the performance of web content delivered to and within China. Partnering with ChinaCache was the obvious choice. Unlike other content delivery providers who provide delivery from the rim, have a sparse number of servers, or only provide delivery to China if contractually obligated, Instart Logic's China platform (powered by ChinaCache) has the largest number of edge nodes across all of China and guarantees the fastest delivery of content to even the most remote corners of the mainland. With a deep understanding of China's licensing and compliance processes – a necessary step for any business wanting to host content inside of mainland China, Instart Logic and ChinaCache provide a seamless integration experience. Delivering traffic for large global brands, the combination of Instart Logic and ChinaCache is the only trusted delivery provider of choice.

Whether you are looking to accelerate content in North America, Europe, China, or other global areas, Instart Logic can help provide a superior user experience unmatchable by any other provider. To learn more, take a look at this datasheet or get in touch with us for a custom demo.