Instart Logic extends mobile app acceleration by acquiring Kwicr

Instart Logic extends mobile app acceleration by acquiring Kwicr

The web versus app debate continues to be a point of contention. There are valid arguments on both sides. On the one hand, mobile browser usage is growing at an unequivocally fast rate, but native apps have clear ties to increased engagement and a more seamless experience with the device. For most businesses, it’s not becoming an either/or tradeoff, but rather a dual-sided mobile strategy – mobile web + native app for maximum leverage. Mobile web provides audience reach while native apps provide rich experiences.

With our application delivery platform, which includes a content delivery network (CDN), we have been delivering acceleration benefits to our customers across mobile web and native applications. For native applications, specifically, we transcode images and have cache/compress APIs, but are now taking this one step further with optimizations at the network layer.

We're excited to welcome the Kwicr team to the Instart Logic family!

Kwicr’s network layer optimizations and analytics for native applications are a natural complement that will enable our customers to maximize the mobile experience for their users. Through an SDK approach that integrates into an Android or iOS application, Kwicr can dynamically recover lost packets and intelligently sense network conditions to maximize throughput. This allows native apps to provode an interactive and delightful experience for their users without sacrificing performance.

With today’s pace of innovation and the ubiquity of mobile devices, delivering content to mobile is critical, but not easy. It costs four times more to deliver the same content to mobile than desktops due to the difficulty in transmitting data reliably over the air versus traditional fiber and cable. The underlying transport protocols of the Internet were not designed to support mobile broadband. As a result, most latency and packet loss exists in the wireless last mile, which negatively impacts user experience. The adage "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" holds true here, as it’s estimated that 84% of users will abandon an app if it fails to load more than twice, according to a recent study done by Stardust, a mobile testing service. As a result, about 20% of apps are used once and then abandoned.

The combination of Instart Logic plus Kwicr helps to solve this problem. It will be the first of its kind to provide comprehensive performance and security services across the end-to-end delivery path regardless of device or platform. As part of the Kwicr acquisition, key engineering talent with deep roots in the telecom and mobile app development space will join the Instart Logic team. We will also be opening a new Boston office, which will accommodate the team. We are excited to move forward together and deliver an amazing solution with Instart Logic plus Kwicr.