Instart Logic’s Momentum in Customer Growth and Innovation

I am excited to share the news that since launching last June, we’ve seen rapid adoption of our cloud-based application delivery service, and the Instart Logic customer base has grown more than 500 percent. I’m also proud to mention that our new customers include Washington Post, Omni Hotels & Resorts, Volcom,, Dollar Shave Club, and more.

Adding up the user populations of our customers yielded the interesting calculation that our service has sped up and improved the user experience on more than 450 million devices worldwide. What started three years ago as two friends and me wondering why Bioshock wouldn't load as fast as Netflix has grown up and captured some reach.

Our newer customers serve millions to tens or hundreds of millions of page views each month. All of them tested our service rigorously before making the switch. In a major affirmation of their confidence in our reliability, several of them chose to switch from their previous web and cloud application delivery platform to Instart Logic just weeks before the recent holiday season began.

What were the results that convinced them they should tackle Thanksgiving through post-Christmas with a new application delivery service?

I’ll let Dollar Shave Club answer that, as their VP of Engineering Todd Lehr was quoted on "Instart Logic gave us a 16.8% increase in conversions over a very large sample set of hundreds of thousands of visitors." Is that a big deal? To put it in perspective, DSC’s Lehr added, "This was the single most impressive conversion win we have experienced to date for anything we have done."

Our customers have made it clear that they switched to Instart Logic for reasons that go beyond performance. They’re making a strategic choice. Many companies were boxed in over the past few years as innovation stagnated at their CDNs and with WAN optimization vendors. They saw that if they didn’t make a change it would be impossible to keep pace with exploding demands for richer, heavier-payload web and cloud applications delivered to wireless endpoints, extreme personalization and dynamic content, and a voracious appetite for images that look great on Retina-class tablets.

Since we started this company, our engineers have been ruthlessly creative every day about finding new solutions to improve the user experience and improve the business bottom line. The rapid adoption of our service is an endorsement of our continuing investment in innovation.

Innovation is at the heart of who we are as a company. We hire people who thrive on making change happen. It’s understood that we expect new approaches from everyone who comes to work every day. (By the way, if you’re a great engineer and work well on a team without egos, Instart Logic is hiring creative thinkers.)

We have dozens of patents pending, and our team is committed to generating more. They get to tackle very complex problems that no other company has identified, and we have a broad road for invention ahead of us, due in large part to our unique client-cloud architecture. In a sense, we feel like we invented a new kind of wheel, and now we are discovering that all kinds of things can roll.

Here’s how SaaS provider VersionOne’s Ian Culling expressed their endorsement of our product roadmap: “Because Web application streaming is an entirely new way of sending web apps quickly to browsers, we know that Instart Logic will not only slash our page load times now but also yield even bigger improvements for the next generation of dynamic web applications we develop. They have a long runway for innovation with this new approach.”

We’re not just innovating on the technology side. Delivering to our customers a positive support (Customer Success) experience is also important to us, and a big reason why customers choose and continue to use our service, particularly if they’ve endured slow, frustrating, expensive support at a big CDN. Ian Culling, CTO of VersionOne commented, “Instart Logic’s support engineers have given us extremely quick resolution and are super knowledgeable about our configurations. We’ve had a couple of minor issues that have been dealt with immediately. I don’t know that you could do customer support any better.”

As a co-founder of Instart Logic, it is heartwarming for me to hear that our customers are both delighted with our innovation and our support. From the start, we meant to build a company that never stops looking for fresh ways to do it better. It’s gratifying that the CTO of a successful SaaS provider recognizes our direction with this statement: “They [Instart Logic] have a long runway for innovation with this new approach."