Introducing Instart Logic

After being very quiet for over two years, Instart Logic is today stepping out of stealth mode. And while we plan to keep our product under wraps for now, there are several things about the company we would love to share with you.

We are well funded and expertly counseled: Instart Logic has raised $26M in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures, Tenaya Capital and several other notable investors, professors, entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Our advisers are accomplished entrepreneurs who have shaped market leading companies and technologists experienced with building transformative technologies. They all share our vision to build Instart Logic into an innovative and customer focused company for the long term.

We are solving a very important problem: The whole world is going wireless – with users accessing cloud-based applications over heavily congested mobile and WiFi networks. This congestion is compounded by growing amounts of data pulled from the web by applications which are increasingly designed for high interactivity. These two trends contribute to creating a bottleneck in the last mile of the Internet – the delivery path between the edge and the user device. This last mile problem degrades user experience, and directly hurts web publishers whose business depends on providing a great online experience to their users. Instart Logic helps solve this problem.

We have a uniquely qualified team to achieve our purpose: A group of technologists from Google, Citrix, Akamai, Facebook, Qualcomm and Mozilla have little in common (except they all come from great companies). But it is this breadth of expertise that enabled us to take a fresh look at the last mile problem, and build a solution that can break the barrier of what is possible using traditional, inside-the-box approaches. Our business and operations team has experience providing mission-critical infrastructure software and services to large and small customers. Our entire company places a huge emphasis on enabling customers to be successful and provide them with an amazing quality of support.

Every startup is a journey and I am thrilled that we are entering this key stage of ours with such a strong team, such strong venture backers, and such an impressive roster of initial customers (you’ll read more about them shortly). Last but not least, we would not have gotten this far without solid support from our early investors, advisors, friends and families. I thank everyone who has contributed to the formation and growth of Instart Logic from the bottom of my heart. It is going to be a fabulous journey and I’m so glad you are all joining us for the ride.