Join us at Catchpoint Elevate!

Catchpoint Elevate 2017

I am very excited to participate in Elevate 2017 with several people from my team here at Instart Logic. Elevate is Catchpoint’s first annual user event and the only conference dedicated to digital experience monitoring. Taking place April 10-13, 2017 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the conference features speakers from LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft, and, of course, from Instart Logic!

We have four speakers, including Tyler Walden, Robert Cox, Karan Kumar, and myself, presenting three talks.

Tyler Walden, our Director, Infrastructure Ops, is presenting “Implementing a Hybrid Cloud.” He’ll discuss the security issues, development model, operational responsibility, and cost of implementing a true cloud-hybrid architecture.

Robert Cox, Instart Logic’s Head of Support, and Karan Kumar, our Technical Lead for Performance Engineering, are co-presenting “Switch from Reactive to Self-Healing Operations.” They will discuss how to effectively gain insight into operational information when presented with  masses of raw logs, including baselining, monitoring, and optimization.

I’ll be presenting “Simplifying Markup to Improve User Experience.”  As the developer evangelist here at Instart Logic, I get to focus on the open web, performance and accessibility. In this talk, I’ll be discussing how, by actually simplifying code, developers can improve accessibility and web performance.

I hope to see you there!

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