Instart July 2019 product release

Instart July 2019 product release

We have another new set of capabilities in this month’s release focusing on enhancements to Instart Bot Management and general platform improvements. In this post, we’ll share the biggest highlights from the July 2019 release. 

Instart Bot Management

Fake search crawler detection

We have enhanced Instart Bot Management to allow improved identification of bots that are impersonating Google and Bing search crawlers. This capability uses a number of client-based and cloud-based signals to detect fake crawlers, while ensuring the real Google and Bing crawlers can always access your website. 

Advanced replay attack detection

Instart Bot Management now offers improved detection of session replay attacks. This is when an attacker attempts to evade detection by playing back a recording of a prior human-initiated session. Our updated system combines both client-side and cloud-side detection to ensure session replays are detected and used as a clear indication of attackers using advanced automation.

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General Instart improvements

New bandwidth usage screen

This new screen in the Instart portal under the account section will allow customers to easily view a summary of the monthly bandwidth information used for billing across all of their web properties. While this information was previously provided, it was per property only. This new screen now allows customers to track their monthly and annual bandwidth usage easily across all their properties in a single location. This will help customers understand service utilization and avoid unexpected overages.

Overall portal fit and finish

The Instart team is continuing to work hard towards updating the entire fit and finish of the Instart web portal, introducing consistent cleaner visuals, along with interaction improvements across its common elements. This multi-quarter effort will continue to improve the polish and ease of use of our web portal. This month, the main focus has been on the experience of the Tag Control rule builder and improving the consistency of the visuals and text that is used in the page headers,  along with an improved task progress widget.

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