In July, the long awaited Google Speed Update went live for all users leaving many marketers and webmasters questioning how they can ensure their site will not be negatively impacted by this most recent change to the Google ranking algorithm.

There’s no controversy about the importance of speed as a component of delivering an exceptional online experience, and the impact of webpage speed on conversion is well understood.  Now, we’re forced to consider the importance of site speed in attaining, or at least maintaining, meaningful positions on the search engine results page (SERP).

Rather than going on the defense, this is the perfect time to go on the offense and turn speed into your competitive advantage. Regardless of how well your search rankings have fared with this recent Google algorithm change (the change will only impact the slowest of sites) users love fast websites, and fast websites convert better.

Seize this moment to refocus your attention on website speed and performance and make speed a competitive advantage for your organization.

Do you know how well your site performance stacks up against the competition? If not, the Google Speed Scorecard is a good place to start.

Ready to get started in improving your site performance but not sure where to start? Try our four easy ways to improve website performance.

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