Partner With Instart Logic: Samrah Khan, New Head of Business Development

I am super excited to join Instart Logic at this critical juncture in the company’s growth. In this role, I will be leading our business development and partnership efforts. Prior to Instart Logic, I held various business development and channel roles in the data connectivity, API and mobile markets.

I joined Instart Logic because they have a unique opportunity in the market to solve some important customer experience challenges created by cloud and mobile. The company’s innovative software-defined application delivery platform is built with cloud and mobile first in mind, and provides enhanced speed, security, and scale that cannot be attained with traditional, hardware-centric content delivery technologies.

Given my unique background, not only is Instart Logic’s technology a great fit, but it also gives me the opportunity to leverage my past experience in building the channel partner model globally from the ground up. I am joining forces with a great group of leaders, well-equipped to take the company into high velocity. My goal is to build a strong partner network that strengthens Instart Logic and our partners on the technology and GTM fronts. We have entered the era where customers demand seamless experiences across platforms and devices. The timing is right for us to come together to deliver unique solutions tailored to customer needs and jointly bring these to market.

Simply put, connecting with our partners in the same personal way as we do with our customers will be critical in the next chapter for Instart Logic. Let’s find that ‘aha' moment together.

I would love to hear from you, please find me: | @samrahkhan4