One Kings Lane Requires an Irresistible User Experience -- Without Compromise

In the e-commerce arena there has been much debate about how retailers need to compete with showrooming, and recently reverse showrooming. In either case, the consumer’s experience with the brand involves the power of a physical showroom — the first one starts the "transaction" with a showroom experience, the latter one ends with the purchase in a showroom.

The compelling question of 2014 is how do retailers compete if they have NO showroom at all?

Answer: By powerfully engaging with consumers on their device of choice.

Instart Logic’s customer base has grown 500% in less than a year, adding companies that are dedicated to building powerful online brands. These companies are making a strategic choice — for performance without compromise — when they come to Instart Logic. Among them is etailer One Kings Lane (OKL). They aim to build the world's first online-only lifestyle brand for the home.

In order for OKL to compete with the showroom experience of their rivals, they must create a hyper-real visual connection between each consumer and the products. To accomplish that, they need to deliver a web presence that strives for emotional bonding with visitors via compelling imagery that evokes some emotion. The goal is to draw the user in, enable them to touch the fabric, sink back on that couch, and revel in the presence of beautiful objects. In other words the company needs to create a "better than being there" experience.

I paid a visit recently to OKL and spoke with their executives about their business success. Key to their strategy is what we call "ultravisual engagement," an experience that emotionally draws the user in. It depends greatly on a gratifying performance on every device the consumer engages on with the brand. OKL doesn’t compromise on visual experience, and with Instart Logic, it doesn’t have to compromise on response times.

Here is how they make their ultravisual, irresistible brand experience into reality — on tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop.

If you want to learn more about ultravisual engagement, irresistible e-commerce, or battling for your brand without a physical showroom, please feel free to download the case study.