Personalized Support- Proactive, Responsive, 24/7

At Instart Logic, we use the term Customer Success in its literal sense: to help customers be successful in their use of our Web Application Streaming Network and in growing their online business.

The approach to customer support here is simple: attend to customer issues quickly, find and fix problems before they impact customers. Both our responsive and preventive forms of support are personalized. The 1:1 human element is an integral part of our solution.

We operate in two modes within the Customer Success department:

  • Responsive, which is customer-facing, and provides responsive help to customers who call in.
  • Proactive, which looks to prevent issues and find opportunities to improve performance. Usually works behind the scenes, and their findings are presented to our customers via the Customer Support team.

Responsive support to incoming customer issues

Your first responder is an Escalation Engineer. We differentiate from our competitors by connecting customers quickly to what other companies usually call Level Three. There is no “ticket and wait” process. We are set up to start solving your issue immediately, rather than lose precious time. You don’t have to fight through layers of people to get the support you require.

The Escalation Engineer (a.k.a. Solution Engineer) is not only an expert in our service, but is also aware of customer-specific configurations and the business need behind that configuration. This knowledge helps us gauge the severity of an issue and provide the appropriate solution.

We deliver 24 x 7 support. We have a standing SLA of 30 minutes or less response time based on the impact of the issue. This commitment is critical to our customers, and we strive to be much faster than that.

If you call us with an issue at 3am, we’ll start attending to it at 3am. You won’t be shunted off to a third-party helpdesk call center. You’ll talk with an Escalation Engineer, most likely one who took part in creating our Web Application Streaming Network.

The second group within the Customer Success team is staffed and supported by Site Reliability Engineers, the Operations team, and developers. This team works collaboratively with Escalation Engineers, to provide proactive support to our customers. Everyone we bring onto the Customer Success team has a software engineering background.

Customer Success team focuses on prevention as much as problem resolution

This team ensures that customer sites are stable and running well. This care is built into our business model; customers do not pay extra for it. Most of our customers have web traffic that is consistently growing. That stresses their infrastructure and applications, and the Customer Success team is our answer to that reality; we help detect fault lines so they won’t become tremors. This team is key in supporting the growth of our customers.

For example, when a new customer goes live, this team is on standby alert to ensure a smooth cutover. From that point on, our team monitors each customer’s traffic to anticipate and head off issues, including problems that might originate on the customer’s side. For any known issue, we evaluate its possible impact on every customer configuration and take preemptive actions as necessary. The Customer Success team understands web app streaming, the network operations, performance tuning and pretty much everything under the sky of Instart Logic.

They hunt proactively for production-related issues. Recently our team detected an unexplained 30% dip in traffic at a major customer. Our Escalation Engineers contacted them immediately and they discovered a particular server among a pool of servers on their side that was down. That’s typical of how we help our customers avoid and solve problems before they impact their business.

Holidays are critical – we are ready for our customers and their traffic

The holiday season looms large for our customers and for customer support. When Santa Claus is under pressure, so is the Web and many customer websites. We have already made our holiday preparations, such as extra coverage during expected peak times, drawing on our in-house engineering resources. CDN providers have holiday coverage, of course, but some charge additionally for it—another extra expense on top of an already expensive service at a time when support is most critical for many websites.

Scaling up while keeping connected to customers

I came to Instart Logic to head up Customer Success, because I had previously worked with the co-founders in a consulting assignment. I knew their approach and shared their belief in the need for both responsive and proactive support, it was the right time. Customer support was a clear priority from the time they productized their idea of web acceleration. They set out early to differentiate our support functions and that was highly motivating to me.

The team we are building already contains a great deal of industry expertise. My background is in supporting web performance solutions, starting first as an engineer at NetScaler, where I built their first Support department. When I got there, NetScaler had fifty-plus customers and Engineering handled support. NetScaler used external Level 1 support at that point. Like many startups, it needed robust, clear support processes that could scale, so I established those, we began ramping up and there was no looking back.

NetScaler, like Instart Logic today, focused on acceleration of Web performance. In NetScaler’s case it was through such functionalities as load balancing, compression, and caching, etc. The company’s customer base grew not just across the US, but around the globe in a very short period of time. When Citrix acquired NetScaler I was responsible for integrating NetScaler support into the Citrix organization, to ensure that NetScaler customers did not lose the small company connectedness they liked. Similarly, at Instart Logic, we commit to maintaining close relationships with customers as this company grows.

Personalized support plus knowledge: the human element

Our Customer Success team overlaps with the development group, as I mentioned, and that is great for our client base. These are engineers who are recognized and followed as authorities in the field of web performance and they know the product from start to finish.

We expect to attain large scale and reach for our Web Application Streaming Network, and we are building out Customer Success services to be congruent with that responsibility and volume of traffic. Instart Logic customers can count on us being here, on our availability, and on seeing all hands on deck if they encounter problems even at 3am on a Sunday morning.