Onward Toward a Fast & Secure Future

As we have often written before, the Internet and each of its component technologies have evolved greatly in the last decade and a half. Our client-cloud software-defined application delivery platform is built on mature, efficient technologies reflecting the realities of today’s Internet; and as Instart Logic grows, we are dedicated to providing our customers with additional capabilities to help grow and protect their businesses.

Earlier this year, I wrote about the fact that security is a core component in our mission to deliver the best software-defined application delivery service in the world. At that time we already had a clear idea of certain additional components we wanted to provide to our customers in order to ensure their end-to-end security, from end-user device all the way through the cloud and on to the web origin — especially for those engaged in online commerce.

We made our intentions clear when we announced in March that we had achieved PCI DSS Level 1 certification, and now I’m very pleased to be able to talk about a new security product that we’ve had in the works for many months now: ProxyWall. ProxyWall combines new and existing platform capabilities to further enhance end-to-end security for Instart Logic customers.

To provide end-to-end protection, ProxyWall removes direct access to customer origin web servers from the public Internet, preventing potentially malicious activity from ever reaching the servers. By directing all communication to customer origin servers through the Instart Logic service, ProxyWall also requires valid web protocol traffic, preventing invalid traffic from ever passing beyond the edge nodes of the service. Additionally, ProxyWall adds robust protocol-level inspection capabilities, in the form of a web application firewall (WAF) distributed across our entire delivery network, and providing wide-ranging coverage for the OWASP Top 10 most common security vulnerabilities.

ProxyWall’s capabilities make advanced security protection available to Instart Logic customers in an efficient, effective way, helping to offload security device purchase and management costs and greatly increasing the scale of available protection for each individual organization. In addition to the new capabilities introduced with ProxyWall, our customers continue to receive advanced DDoS protection for their web services, all of which take advantage of our massive and growing scale.

Customers should think of ProxyWall as the next step in a growing suite of security capabilities. Our goal is, and always has been, to provide the most robust application delivery service possible. As we grow, our knowledge of expected and anomalous behavior on the web grows, and our client-cloud architecture positions us uniquely to deliver new and distinct security capabilities to our customers — capabilities that our CDN competitors, weighed down by heavy infrastructures rooted in the past generation's internet, will never be able to match. Stay tuned.