Streaming the Web Via Our Partnership with Equinix

The last several months have been an exhilarating experience for us at Instart Logic as we have progressed from formal launch in June to working with a growing pool of great customers, running in production on our service. It has been truly heartening to see how our technology has enabled our customers to disrupt their own markets. Disruptor Beam successfully launched Game of Thrones: Ascent and broke new ground for social games with incredibly rich imagery that could not download quickly enough on CDNs. Gogobot has redefined travel with rich visuals and personalized travel recommendations from your social graphic and has become the fastest growing online travel site, and luxury retailer Bonfaire has disrupted its e-commerce category by giving customers showroom-like web experiences on every device.

Instart Logic strives to deliver our service to new customers at the same high standard that our existing customers rely on: globally and with 99.999% uptime.

To that end, Equinix has been a fantastic partner for us. By placing almost eighty percent of our physical distributed points of presence (PoPs) within Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers, we are now closer to our customers than ever before. Nearly all of the world’s leading wired and mobile networks, carriers and ISPs have a presence within Equinix’s global network, and our location in the same Equinix facilities means that we can connect with our customers directly – in fact, via a cabinet-to-cabinet cable connection.

Working with Equinix allows Instart Logic to reduce latency without having to build out an extensive infrastructure of thousands of server farms, like legacy CDN providers do, saving time and money for Instart Logic and our customers. Working with Equinix also allows us to be sure of consistency, standardization and proximity to our customers, whether they are based here in Silicon Valley or in developing markets in South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

In addition, all Equinix IBX data centers are fully standards-compliant (SAS70, ISO) and offer a high degree of reliability, operational excellence and security. Key vertical markets for Instart Logic include online retail, travel and entertainment, as well as financial services. These customers are understandably concerned about security issues and must ensure that their own customers are well protected. Here too, our partnership with Equinix has been of tremendous value. The fact that our data is stored with a large publicly traded company that has been established for many years, with a stellar record on security and privacy issues, gives peace of mind to our customers. It also reduces lengthy, expensive requirements of the third-party auditing that Instart Logic goes through, to obtain certifications our customers need to see.

Equinix has been a great partner for us, but more importantly, our relationship with Equinix has been great for our customers. Equinix allows us unmatched scalability, flexibility and security. We are now just a physical cable connection away from many of our customers, and we are optimally positioned to deliver our Web Application Streaming service globally to customers in a wide range of industries. As a bonus, Equinix has consistently shown that it upholds the same customer-centric attitude as we do at Instart Logic. We have near-term plans to add more physical points of presence within Equinix colocation facilities, and I look forward to a long-term business partnership with Equinix as Instart Logic scales up, and our customers’ volume of traffic grows in the years ahead.