The Birth of the Web Application Streaming Network

I'm Raghu Venkat and I am the Chief Product Officer at Instart Logic. Every startup has an interesting story about how they arrived at their final product. I want to tell you ours. I’ll give you a hint: we did not found the company with the idea of building the world’s first Web Application Streaming Network. We originally started Instart Logic to deal with a problem with online games. A gamer myself, I had always been frustrated that it took so long for online games to load before I could play. When we initially discussed this issue -- like other entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity. The challenge to improve upon the game load to provide fast access to the game for players was not just an intellectually stimulating problem, but turning this into a real business was intriguing.

All three of us (Manav (our CEO), Hariharan (CTO) and I) had extensive backgrounds in solving hard problems in distributed systems, virtualization, static analysis and application performance. We were convinced that we could extend those capabilities to consumer realm and started working on our initial idea to have a consumer portal for games. The vision was to create a game portal that will be known for the best user experience by providing instant gratification to all the users trying to play games. With this in mind, we started Instart.

Then something unintended and funny happened. During development we showed the technology prototype to friends and industry analysts and they said it is very interesting but were unsure if this presented a significant market worthy of venture-backed funding. This was not exactly the feedback that we were expecting to hear after spending time and effort trying to solve such difficult problem. However, what people said was that the technology we had built to make these games run faster on our platform was quite a breakthrough . In fact, one analyst told us that using our technology to improve user experiences on web content would be a far bigger business opportunity than our original idea.

It made a lot of sense. Some of our advisors pointed out that delivering a better user experience would not only help online gaming companies but also many other publishers of Web applications in other industries . Think of media sites, e-tailers, travel sites and enterprise SaaS– they all face the same difficulties delivering high fidelity experiences to the end users with various network links. Collectively, these verticals encompass tens of billions of dollars in spending and present an enormous market.

By building a product that would radically change the paradigm of web application performance and turn every Web application into a streaming app, Instart Logic is now laying the foundation for a much more interactive and responsive Internet across industries. Building the world’s fastest online game portal is cool. Building technology that makes the entire Internet run faster is a whole lot cooler. Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing more insights as we continue to roll out new features for Instart Logic.