We Give Akamai Nightmares (.com)

It’s October and, in the spirit of Halloween, yesterday we launched WeGiveAkamaiNightmares.com to help beleaguered Akamai customers upgrade their performance.

Our $100 Million upgrade program is off to a very fast start. It’s possible we underestimated the demand as a number of customers have already switched and there are a lot of companies benchmarking with us so they can understand just how slow their sites have become.

We wanted to make sure mobile-impaired Akamai customers have a chance to learn what they are missing, so we also launched an airport advertising campaign. Our first location is Miami International Airport, which coincidentally is the location of the Akamai Edge User Conference.

This conference is 2 ½ days long, has dozens of sessions on security, APIs, video, even net neutrality – but here is the MOST UNBELIEVABLE THING – there is not one single session in 2 ½ days focused on Mobile Performance. NOT ONE SINGLE SESSION. It’s 2014. How is that possible?

So while Akamai parties like it's 1999 in Miami, we are speaking and discussing best practices with the leaders in mobile commerce at the Mobile Shopping Summit.

If you are stuck in the 90's with Akamai, check out WeGiveAkamaiNightmares.com.