We Keep Hearing: Web Application Streaming Is Ingenious

Not only ingenious, it can entirely replace the CDN. DOWNLOAD the WHITE PAPER and you be the judge.

O’Reilly Velocity 2013 was our first conference since coming out of stealth mode with Instart Logic’s Web Application Streaming Network.

Gartner, in a blog by their VP of Research Lydia Leong on June 17, called us a new kind of delivery acceleration service that would “entirely replace the traditional CDN for most companies.”

We were excited to see whether the attendees at Velocity would agree. A mostly technical audience, they were initially cautious and then enthusiastic, and several paid the radical new technology a high compliment, saying, “Hey, this is ingenious.”

That was the prevalent reaction after a session on web application streaming delivered by Peter Blum, our VP of product management, and Jim Greer, co-founder and CEO of Kongregate, the hugely popular gaming website.

Presentations on the closing afternoon of any conference are subject to “empty-room syndrome,” so we were pleasantly surprised to have strong attendance.

Peter started by showing that streaming trumps download. First video went from downloads to streaming, and then came Windows Application Streaming. Now, with our Web Application Streaming Network solution, web applications can also make the jump from download to streaming.

Next, the session addressed how we split a web application into high- and low-priority fragments and streams them in the order they are needed. At this point, the sizable contingent in the audience from Akamai and other CDNs—our competitors—sat forward and took notes. But the inner magic of how we partition and sequence web apps is classified, and known only to:

The presentation gives you a quick visual run-through.

The session audience was particularly impressed that our NanoVisor™, running at the endpoint, communicates back how the Web application or website is used and how it loads. This enables our fragmenting and sequencing of the web application to get smarter over time.

Peter then contrasted how ‘traditional dynamic’ HTML delivery works with how our dynamic HTML streaming works.

Peter covered e-commerce sites as an example. Here, images are critical because great pictures, delivered fast, drive conversions, increases in average order value and ultimately customer loyalty. Instart Logic’s approach to images differs and is more efficient than the traditional CDN approach. See how this works.

Jim Greer of Kongregate ,a division of GameStop, the world’s largest game retailer, wrapped up the session with proof-positive, explaining how Instart speeds up game access for Kongregate’s 15 million users.

When you go to these conferences, we know you are absolutely barraged with new info, pitches, gimmicky badges and little gifts, not to mention the Super Bowl-level entertainment of vendors gesticulating wildly for your attention. And you are not necessarily getting a full night’s rest, either—or maybe none at all!

Again, to judge for yourself if Gartner is right about Web application streaming replacing traditional CDNs, and understand why the technology delivers a radically better web experience, download the white paper.