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Instart cloud services for application security and performance are made for the modern web

Secure and optimize web apps at the point of experience — the browser.

Your web apps have changed. Your delivery technology should too.

Companies are under pressure to deliver a fast, personalized, and secure web experience to customers every time they visit the site. To do this, modern web apps use first-party content along with dynamic content and third-party services, in the form of tags or scripts, to deliver capabilities like personalization, analytics, chatbots, or ads.

In addition, these web apps are delivered from multiple cloud services that live outside the control of your existing security appliances and delivery networks and their content is assembled in the browser at the time of delivery. The challenge is that existing security and content delivery technologies only focus on static, first-party content and can’t provide the control and protection in the browser, where the application actually comes together and consumer data is captured and stored.

1st party content
3rd party scripts and tags
3rd party scripts and tags

Instart was built for the new edge — the browser

Companies need technologies that look beyond the edge and prioritize the actual point of application experience — the browser — to ensure customers have the best experience, their personal data is secure, and the business gets the most value from its online investments. Instart’s unique platform provides a global edge network that extends into the browser, to ensure the best security and performance of your web apps, regardless of their origin.

Continuous insights

Deep insight into what happens in the browser is key to great web experiences. Instart provides real-time analysis of the code executing in the browser so you can take immediate action on security threats or poor-performing code.

Context-aware control

Control over the web experience is even more crucial with diverse network and device conditions, the increase in bots, and the rise of other application security threats. Instart provides scenario-based control over what website code executes, how to respond to bot traffic, and how to protect information from the browser to the cloud

AI-driven optimizations

Understanding how visitors consume website information enables you to improve and enhance their experiences. Instart leverages AI and interpretable machine learning to continuously analyze and optimize JavaScript, HTML, and images as they come together in the browser to ensure the best performance for every situation.

Deliver exceptional web experiences and boost your security with Instart

Instart provides industry-leading cloud services for application security and performance that address the needs of modern web apps. Instart performance services accelerate dynamic content and images using technologies, such as a global CDN and performance optimizations, that take advantage of the presence in the browser along with the intelligence in the edge.

Instart security services uniquely provide a single, complete cloud-based platform for true application security. This includes security at the browser thought script protection, security at the origin and edge through the WAF and DDoS protection, and security against malicious bots, through bot management. This is complemented by our unified threat intelligence which ensures our customers’ applications are always protected against the latest threat vectors. Together, Instart cloud services help brands deliver the amazing web experience their customers love.

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