Instart Logic Enhances Mobile Application Acceleration Service


Palo Alto, CA — December 15, 2016 — Instart Logic, a leader in making websites and mobile applications fast and secure, announced new capabilities for its AppSpeed Mobile Application Acceleration service, and a performance guarantee to increase the speed of customers’ native mobile apps by at least 20 percent. Such a contractual performance guarantee is unprecedented in the application delivery market.

Instart Logic is also announcing a Trade-out Program for existing paying customers of Twin Prime, which has announced its acquisition by Salesforce. It is natural for Twin Prime customers to be concerned about ongoing feature development and support, and Instart Logic will provide trial, testing, switch-out and deployment of its market leading Mobile Application Acceleration solution free of cost, in addition to including the first 60 days of service. Interested customers can reach out to

Use of native iOS and Android applications on mobile devices is growing rapidly. However, mobile networks are subject to congestion and latency that hampers user experience and leads to app abandonment. Since the launch of its Mobile App Acceleration service in June 2016, Instart Logic has been helping customers protect their brand and increasing revenue by delivering significant improvement on last mile performance — including use cases like image and video uploads for travel apps, accelerated performance on WiFi networks, and video and audio streaming.

Instart Logic is committed to help enterprises deliver exceptional user experience across all forms of access. For native mobile applications, our service uses an SDK-based approach to accelerate user experience on Android and iOS devices. Instart Logic’s network acceleration combines intelligent rate control along with a proprietary and patent-pending new protocol called Dynamic Packet Recovery (DPR) to overcome the inefficiencies of TCP on lossy and congested wireless (WiFi and cellular) networks. A combination of network acceleration and application-level optimizations enable significant performance improvements.

As part of this announcement, Instart Logic is adding new performance and analytics features to its Mobile Application Acceleration service. These include:

  • Support for HTTP/2
  • Image optimizations
  • Enterprise caching

Key benefits of Instart Logic’s AppSpeed Mobile Application Acceleration service include:

  • Accelerate app performance on WiFi and cellular networks – ensures the effects of packet loss or unreliable network conditions do not affect end-user experience.
  • Make better data-driven decisions – the breadth of analytics Instart Logic delivers provides visibility into how the app is being used, better enabling customers to grow and retain their user base.
  • Simple to deploy, with no code changes required – bundle Instart Logic’s SDK with your application and make a single API call to start the Mobile Acceleration service when your app starts.
  • Integrated into the world’s most advanced application delivery service – provide superior levels of performance, security and reliability with a globally-deployed application delivery service.

"Enterprises continue to adopt and build native applications at a rapid rate," said Shailesh Shukla, vice president of products and marketing at Instart Logic. "Instart Logic's Mobile Application Acceleration service goes beyond the reach of legacy CDNs to deliver comparable performance benefits for native mobile apps as for browser-based access. Our customer traction and investment in mobile app performance and security features continues to grow rapidly.”

"Since we deployed Instart Logic’s SDK back in June, we’ve seen tremendous benefits in terms of app experience for our users,” said Ori Zaltzman, CTO, “We also get great insight into how users are accessing our app, especially when it comes to the devices they use and the wireless networks they are on. We’ve now integrated the SDK for both iOS and Android, and are planning to expand the service to our European user base as well.”

The Instart Logic Platform

The Instart Logic platform is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution that provides a disruptive and completely new way to accelerate web and mobile application performance. The platform provides unprecedented degrees of performance, security and control, as well as endpoint-aware application virtualization, a big data machine learning platform for continuous analytics and automatic optimization of application delivery components.

The foundation of Instart Logic’s end-point aware application delivery platform begins with the company’s globally optimized delivery network that optimizes the delivery of content and applications for all devices across wired and wireless networks. It provides customers with the ability to manage application delivery via a web-based portal or APIs for complete control. All it takes is a DNS switch, and you can be up and running with the service in as little as 15 minutes. Instart Logic’s world-class CDN optimizes user experience through geographic distribution of caching and network level optimization, load distribution (freeing up capacity and lowering delivery costs), and spike management to ensure ‘always on’ reliability. On top of this platform, Instart Logic delivers value-added services including:

AppSpeed, a completely new way to accelerate web and mobile application performance that optimizes images, HTML, JavaScript and other page elements based on each user’s specific device, browser and network conditions. AppSpeed disrupts traditional content delivery network (CDN) technology by enabling businesses to deliver extremely fast customer-centric mobile application and website performance that optimizes the critically all-important last mile experience.

AppShield, an end-to-end highly scalable security solution that protects and defends against attacks before they reach origin servers. AppShield delivers unprecedented protection across the entire application delivery path because it sees traffic and threats coming from all corners of the world. Instart Logic’s unique global view automatically learns about new security vulnerabilities and tracks attackers, while making application performance faster and more reliable.

AppFlex, a breakthrough new way to control all your mobile and web traffic to bring customers the fastest and most innovative user experiences possible. AppFlex gives you complete control and flexibility to move at the speed of business, and innovate ahead of demand. Advanced analytics provide up-to-the-minute granularity so you can slice and dice the data by time period, device type, content type, browser and geo location.

About Instart Logic

Instart Logic is the world's first endpoint-aware application delivery solution that makes applications fast, secure, and easy to operate. Instart Logic's platform combines machine learning, virtualization, and open APIs with a content delivery network (CDN) for global delivery. Using Instart Logic, enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually immersive and secure experiences on any device to maximize revenue, deliver superior customer experiences and gain competitive advantage. Instart Logic is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Four Rivers Group, Geodesic Capital, Greylock Partners, Hermes Growth Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sutter Hill Ventures, Telstra Ventures, Tenaya Capital, Wing Venture Capital and several notable Silicon Valley angel investors. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @InstartLogic.


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