How at risk are you for Magecart attacks?

Meet with an Instart expert to learn your risk for Magecart and other data exfiltration attacks.

In this 30-minute meeting, a security expert will show you:

  • An assessment of your site to determine the susceptibility to browser-based skimming attacks like Magecart
  • A review of form fields and cookies to determine which contain sensitive customer information that could be stolen by attackers
  • New and emerging web application threats that you may not be aware of and are not handled by traditional methods

You will learn:

  • How Instart security services, including JavaScript tag security, provides comprehensive form and cookie protection to help you prevent Magecart attacks
  • How Instart gathers threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging threats
  • The simplicity and power of Instart cloud services, including rich attack analytics and unified rule creation
  • How easy it is to adopt Instart services and integrate it with your existing web app infrastructure

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