Instart Logic disrupting Akamai and content delivery through technology innovation and new business model

  • $10+ billion enterprise CDN and application delivery market upended
  • Performance guarantee based on ground-breaking application delivery innovation in machine learning, automation and self-tuning capabilities
  • Basic enterprise CDN functions such as caching and content delivery have become commoditized and should be charged as such
  • Innovation driving company’s accelerated business momentum in FY17; bookings more than tripled for third year in a row

Palo Alto, CA — February 15, 2017 — Instart Logic, a next generation technology company making the digital world faster, more reliable and more secure, today announced its “Application Services Platform,” an innovative and integrated set of speed, mobility and security technologies designed to optimize digital revenue. It also announced a new business model designed to disrupt the $10 billion content and application delivery markets, including Akamai (Nasdaq: AKAM).

Beginning immediately Instart Logic will deliver enterprise application and content delivery at commodity cost, and will price based only on value-added services to improve speed, security and advertising revenues. Additionally, leveraging AppSpeed, Instart Logic’s endpoint-aware application delivery solution, the company will guarantee in writing to make a customer’s web, mobile web and mobile applications 20 percent faster than a company’s existing delivery method, including Akamai, as benchmarked by a third-party vendor.

Separately today, Instart Logic announced accelerated business momentum in FY17, which ended January 31st, 2017.

Instart Logic’s 20 percent performance improvement guarantee is based on a set of breakthrough cloud-based content and application delivery technologies including an “interpretable machine learning system” such as SmartVision, which is now deployed at industrial scale, processing 125 billion images and three billion HTML and JavaScript files per month. Instart Logic algorithms analyze images and code in real time and apply appropriate optimizations, ensuring a fast and high-quality end user experience. This improves the performance of its enterprise customers’ websites and web applications in an automated fashion, and eliminates the need for complex, manual and brittle front end optimization (FEO) tools. Additionally, Instart Logic has applied powerful machine learning algorithms to the tremendous amounts of data it collects in real time, and has substantially increased its ability to uncover system vulnerabilities while improving security.

Instart Logic also announced further enhancements to its recently announced Ad Integrity service, which will now also unblock video pre-roll advertising, in addition to display advertising. By bringing powerful new machine learning, automation and ground-breaking technology to thwart ad blocking technologies for every type of advertising - from display ads to video ads, to the world of application delivery - Instart Logic is fundamentally altering the value enterprises ascribe to content delivery networks.

The next step in the company’s growth is a market-disruptive decision to charge enterprise customers only for the commodity cost of moving content across its global endpoint-aware application delivery network. Instead, the company will price based on value created including:

  • Improved revenue through superior conversion and engagement metrics delivered by increasing page display speed by a minimum of 20 percent over and above a customer’s existing CDN provider, including Akamai, as proven by a third party.
  • End-to-end security, including origin protection, DDoS mitigation, web application firewall and bot protection.
  • Unlocking advertising revenue through Ad Integrity, charging only based on share of incremental revenue.

Instart Logic’s new pricing policy and performance guarantee are designed to reflect the real and substantial value it provides customers, rather than simply for the bits delivered.

“Today’s announcement is revolutionary in the application delivery industry and confirms that pure transport and delivery has become commoditized. We strongly believe customers should not be forced to pay for this commodity. Instart Logic’s unique architecture provides a robust platform upon which many value-added services can be built and delivered, without requiring customers to make any changes to their applications, or to download any software to end user devices. We call this the ‘power of the platform’ -- deploy once and leverage for a variety of use cases to generate a variety of new revenue,” said Manav Mital, CEO and founder of Instart Logic.

Mital continued, “Let’s take an analogy from another industry, compute and storage. Services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have reduced the cost of compute and storage close to zero, effectively making them a commodity. The value these offerings deliver is an elastic consumption model and additional value-added services are delivered and charged for. Instart Logic is accelerating the arrival of that exact same business model in the content and application delivery market.”

“And just as Google figured out speed, Facebook mobility, and Apple security, each to their company’s benefit, our goal is bringing these three critical ‘must have’ technologies together into a single commercially available, powerful, and easily deployed application services platform whose laser focus is driving application monetization,” Mital concluded.

Paddy Hannon, CTO at, said, “Instart Logic’s Application Services Platform provides Edmunds with cutting-edge performance backed with solid security and reliability. Over the years Edmunds has used several CDN vendors and with the coming re-launch of we decided to re-evaluate our partners and our strategy. After a comprehensive technology evaluation we selected Instart Logic and have already seen substantial improvements in our site’s performance. In fact, we were able to replace our three CDN vendors with a single platform that actually works better and delivers more value. Instart Logic has been a great partner for us, and we are very happy with our decision to leverage their platform.”

“The network is a resource that has long been viewed as a fixed and unchanging infrastructure component,” said Jim Davis, senior analyst, services for 451 Research. “However, CDN services can help give developers control over the network, and by extension, better control over application performance. By leveraging their distributed compute, storage, and network resources and opening up a robust set of APIs to customers, CDN vendors like Instart Logic can enable the creation of new application performance and security services that go beyond those functions that were formerly performed by dedicated equipment. The end result is the creation of a platform for programming the network, and the creation of a new layer of cloud services that live at the edge of the network,” according to Davis.

Ernie Regalado, chief strategy officer at Bizety Technologies, said, "Existing CDN revenue models will implode next year as data transfer prices sink to near zero. The future is about intelligent application delivery and a premier feature set, which transparently embeds security, machine learning, and computational functionality at the edge." Regalado continued, "Instart Logic is the leader in intelligent application delivery. It's astonishing to see all the right moves they've made the last three years. First, they came out with their innovative Nanovisor technology, which embeds code and virtualizes the browser at the endpoint, a critical piece in machine learning. Next, they acquired Kwicr, which puts them ahead of all CDNs in mobile app acceleration. And they have a full service security portfolio with computational capabilities at the edge of the Internet, which is way ahead of everyone else. This is truly visionary stuff."


Instart Logic’s approach is to automate tasks that are extremely difficult and time-consuming for humans to do manually, and to implement machine algorithms that continuously improve performance. The end result is a self-tuning application delivery platform that eliminates the need for a large professional services staff, and that automatically adjusts to changing user behavior and network conditions to keep user experience at highly optimized levels. For over a decade enterprises and media companies have paid for the transport and delivery of application content, not added value. Instart Logic’s business goal is to disrupt the status quo, and revolutionize the $10+ billion market for content and application delivery.

With its new interpretable smart learning system now deployed at industrial scale, Instart Logic is prepared to demonstrate and commit to customers that they will see a 20 percent increase in web, mobile web and mobile application performance over and above their existing content delivery method. By leveraging Instart Logic’s “power of the platform”, customers experience dramatic performance improvement, which drives increased sales conversion, leading to increased revenue - and therefore the Instart Logic service pays for itself.

About the Instart Logic Application Services Platform

Instart Logic’s Application Services Platform is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution. It’s a disruptive way to accelerate and secure web and mobile applications, delivering an unprecedented degree of performance, security and control. The core technology innovations, driven by 80+ patents, include machine learning, application awareness and client control via a thin JavaScript virtualization layer called the Nanovisor.

Instart Logic’s “Application Services Platform” modules include:

  • CDN, a full-featured global content delivery network that enables scale, uptime, and superior user experience through caching, network level optimizations, and support for standards.
  • AppSpeed, which guarantees at least a 20% improvement in web, mobile web and mobile native app performance by accelerating all code, content, and third-party elements inside an application.
  • AppShield, which protects revenue by preserving the security and integrity of applications along the entire delivery path, and includes features like next-generation Web Application Firewall, DDoS attack mitigation, and Bot detection/mitigation. The AppShield module includes Ad Integrity, a breakthrough approach for unblocking the ad blockers to regain lost revenue.
  • AppFlex, which empowers enterprises to move at the speed of business by providing a highly responsive service enabled by a DevOps approach, public APIs, self-service portal and real-time analytics.

About Instart Logic

Instart Logic is the world’s first endpoint-aware application delivery solution making applications lightning fast, secure, and easy to operate. Instart Logic’s platform combines machine learning, virtualization, and open APIs with a content delivery network (CDN) for global delivery. Using Instart Logic, enterprises can provide ultra-fast, visually immersive and secure experiences on any device to maximize revenue, deliver superior customer experiences and gain competitive advantage. Instart Logic is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Four Rivers Group, Geodesic Capital, Greylock Partners, Hermes Growth Partners, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Sutter Hill Ventures, Telstra Ventures, Tenaya Capital, Wing Venture Capital and several notable Silicon Valley angel investors. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter at @InstartLogic.


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