Performance services

Deliver the best web and cloud application performance

Provide your customers with the fastest, most reliable, and globally scalable experience.

It’s harder than ever to ensure a great web experience to every visitor.

Instart Web Performance is designed to accelerate and optimize your modern web and cloud applications to ensure they are delivered with the speed and reliability that your customers expect. Web Performance provides real-time insights and context-aware controls to seamlessly connect consumers and applications. AI-driven optimization for all content types improve delivery for both static and dynamic pages.

Today’s web and cloud applications are rich and immersive, bringing together functionality from different sources and delivering content to global consumers. With all of these moving pieces, organizations must optimize each part of the modern application to ensure consumers have a performant experience. Delivering low-latency, reliable, and prioritized content to a world-wide audience is a task few organizations are equipped to handle.

Modern web application

A leading approach to delivering exceptional application performance

Over the past couple of decades, the web has evolved from delivering small, static web pages to complex applications; from simple HTML viewers to cutting-edge browsers and mobile devices. Today’s consumers expect a near instantaneous experience regardless of their location or device. Web applications are no longer convenient -- they are part of every-day life.

Instart’s web performance technology allows organizations to deliver globally-scalable and performant applications while being able to intelligently prioritize content based on things like bandwidth, device, location, or other environmental factors. In a modern world of web applications, organizations need modern delivery capabilities to meet customer expectations.

Intelligent CDN

Connect your content with customers all over the world with Instart caching and delivery network that scales to grow with your needs.

HTML streaming

Improve the performance of dynamic HTML pages that require a return trip to the origin before being rendered in a customer’s browser.

Image optimization

Automatically compresses and transcodes all images that flow through the Instart service to improve page loading times and improve the visual quality of images.

JavaScript optimization

Improves the performance of your web applications by optimizing your first-party JavaScripts and ensuring poor performing scripts are deferred or blocked.

Detailed analytics

Instart Web Performance unifies the extensive signals on the performance and delivery of your web applications within the Instart management portal. These detailed analytics and reports allow organizations to understand what is happening with their resources and how best to manage them for the most optimal consumer experience.

Access to leading security experts

Instart Managed Security Services, which provides a team of proactive security experts to help customers with implementation, rule creation, and incident response. Instart’s resources have both access to and experience with some of the worlds most complex environments and the attacks they face. This exposure is leveraged constantly by our customer base to ensure they have the very best protection.

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