The Instart Web App and API Protection platform

Web application security from the origin to the browser

Instart’s web application and API protection (WAAP) platform delivers complete protection from the most advanced application cyber threats.

Cloud-based protection for the next evolution of threats

Increased application complexity, zero-day vulnerabilities, and a rapidly evolving threat landscape makes protecting your customers, your brand, and your web apps difficult. Appliance and edge-only products don’t provide the scale or flexibility to stay ahead of these threats — nor do they offer a complete set of protections from your origin all the way into the browser. The Instart platform was developed to provide best-in-class protection and easily adapt to emerging threats.

The Instart Advantage

Complete security from your origin to the browser

The Instart WAAP platform offers complete security from your origin down to the consumer’s browser or app, powered by deep visibility, intelligence, and automation.

These differentiating components allow Instart to drastically reduce time to detection, time to mitigation, and to provide the most comprehensive level of web app security possible.

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Instart collects low-level signals from across our customer base, capturing unusual traffic patterns and anomalies to stay ahead of attacks.

Signals from the edge including request parameters, cookies, headers, URL parameters, GEO/IP, and user-agents are available for use in rule creation and in security event analysis. In addition, by leveraging the Nanovisor, Instart’s patented browser-based JavaScript virtualization technology, we collect underlying signals from the browser about the behavior and intent of all incoming requests.

  • This visibility allows for the most comprehensive detection, analysis, and response for web app attacks.


Instart applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to our intelligence to automatically tune and adapts our array of security offerings reducing both the effort and time required for security management.

Instart leverages customer data, along with data from UBA and SIEM feeds, honeypot analysis, and IOC sources to provide intelligence-driven outputs for management and automation. 

  • This intelligence reduces the time to detect new threats to ensure our customers are protected from future attacks.


Instart applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to our intelligence to automatically tune and adapts our array of security offerings reducing both the effort and time required for security management.

Upon detecting a new potential threat, new rules are automatically created, which can be applied and enabled with a single click.

  • This automation significantly reduces time to remediate attacks and ensures your security is already defending against the latest threats.

Global cloud network

Instart is one of the largest, most reliable, globally distributed cloud services in the world, processing more than 60 billion transactions and serving more than 200 million consumers per day.

Our PoPs run in global peering centers, interconnected with all major carriers and cloud service providers ensuring our presence provides the lowest latency. In addition, we maintain SSAE-16 SOC 2 Type II certification, Payment Card Industry (PCI) certification, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and healthcare industry compliance standards to meet the needs of customers in all industries.

  • This global cloud network increases the scalability, resiliency, and reliability of your web apps with minimal management overhead and world-class support.

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platform products

World-class security products for the entire application and API stack

Instart’s products protect the end-to-end delivery of your web applications and APIs, making sure that your customers’ experience is not only fast, but secure and private. Instart’s products go beyond traditional appliance-based technologies with high scalability and extensive flexibility.

As part of the Instart WAAP platform, all of our products have the features you expect from an enterprise security offering:

  • A single comprehensive configuration and reporting engine
  • Role-based access control
  • RESTful management APIs
  • Powerful rules builders
  • A comprehensive closed-loop reporting to configuration workflow

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