Instart API Protection

API protection that keeps your APIs and mobile apps safe

Defend your APIs against attacks like SQL injection, sophisticated bots, large-scale denial-of-service, and more.


Protecting the next frontier in the cloud

The web as we know it is being replaced by mobile apps as users seek immersive native experiences. With almost all mobile apps accessing backend services through application programming interfaces, attacking APIs is quickly becoming a popular target for criminals. Instart provides a security barrier around your APIs and protects against both traditional and modern sophisticated attacks.

Handle unplanned capacity spikes to your APIs

Whether it be a sudden increase in traffic as the result of a promotion or an attempted denial-of-service attack from a large botnet, Instart will protect you from unexpected traffic spikes.

Gain protection from both common and sophisticated cyberattacks

Instart provides defense against even the most advanced attempts to exploit your APIs, whether an attack is a traditional SQL injection attack or the latest disclosed buffer overflow.

Mitigate modern and sophisticated bots

Through the use of mobile-app libraries, Instart brings cutting-edge bot mitigation features to your APIs. By thwarting even the most sophisticated modern bots, Instart will protect your application stack against automated attacks.

Security without complex implementation

Instart’s cloud-based technology seamlessly integrates with your existing services and requires no appliances to configure. Customers are up and running with API protection within minutes, with minimal ongoing management, maintenance, and configuration.

Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform

Along with the core features of the Instart WAAP platform, you also benefit from deep visibility, comprehensive threat intelligence and AI/ML driven automation, cross-platform APIs, a single configuration and reporting engine, and the ability to secure all your web properties from the origin to the browser.

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Key features

Extend threat detection and protection to your service APIs

Instart API Protection brings the same level of security from your website to your APIs. By fronting your APIs with a highly resilient network, traffic is scrubbed so that only valid HTTP, HTTPS, and DNS requests are allowed, that common and emerging attacks are blocked at the edge, and that DDoS and bot activity is mitigated.

Beyond OWASP coverage for APIs

Instart’s API protection technology seamlessly integrates with your existing application stack to instantly provide protection for your APIs against the most common cloud-based attacks, including SQL injection, server-side request forgery, and more.

Intelligent bot mitigation

Instart provides organizations with a small, lightweight library, to include in their mobile apps to detect even the most advanced bots and prevent them from attacking their APIs.

Distributed denial-of-service protection

Instart, with its highly scalable CDN, will dynamically boost capacity to absorb even the biggest botnet attacks, protecting both websites and mobile application APIs.

WAAP platform features

Instart API Protection includes role-based access control, RESTful API management for configuration, a powerful custom rule builder interface, single-click protection rules, and other management capabilities provided by the Instart WAAP platform.

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Common threats

Instart API Protection prevents these types of attacks

API SQL injection

SQLi attacks manipulate an API endpoint into executing malicious queries against backend datastores. These attacks are often the result of application flaws where user-supplied data has not been sanitized and their impact can range from data theft to remote code execution.

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API DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are designed to prevent normal access to a particular online resource, such as the APIs of a mobile app, by overloading it. DDoS attacks are used for a variety of reasons, but the object is always the same — to place enough load on the target so they are unable to respond to all other requests.

Bot attacks, including credential stuffing, inventory holding, and more

Malicious bots are programs designed to autonomously perform illicit activities, such as trying the credentials found in a stolen list against an authentication API with the intent of taking over user accounts. With bot protection becoming popular on traditional websites, attackers are shifting their focus to APIs where detection is less common.

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Secure your APIs and mobile apps against today's cyber attacks