Application Services Platform

Deliver mission-critical infrastructure at global scale.

All of our applications and our next-generation content delivery network (NG-CDN) leverage our global-scale, carrier-grade, cloud-based platform, which is powered by artificial intelligence and features unified management, reporting and analytics, open APIs, and 24x7x365 follow-the-sun operations and support. Our customers do not need to install or maintain any hardware or software in order to use our cloud-based system. And uniquely, we offer application awareness driven by artificial intelligence, and consumer device-awareness via the thin JavaScript virtualization layer we call the Nanovisor for both performance and security.

Our platform is physically deployed in multiple top-tier data centers across the world, and can also be leveraged in private and public cloud environments. We process more than 12 billion transactions per day serving consumers in every region of the world, and we have delivered 100 percent system-wide availability over the last four years.

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