Instart Bot Management

Protect your web apps against advanced, automated bot attacks

Understand bot intent and stop attacks with low-level signals collected on the client and in the cloud.


Your web apps were built for humans, not bots

Automated bot attacks, and the havoc they wreak on businesses, are on the rise. Modern bots are extremely sophisticated and simulate human behavior, making them very difficult to detect. Regardless of your business model, your web apps were meant to be browsed by humans, not abused by bots.

Prevent automated fraud and other attacks from impacting your business

Instart confidently detects and mitigates sophisticated bad bot attacks, such as account takeover (ATO), credential stuffing, inventory holding, and gift card fraud from being perpetrated against your web apps.

Truly understand bad bot activity

Instart’s bot management technology collects low-level signals from the client and the cloud to build a complete picture of exactly how automated traffic is interacting with your web app. Surface inconsistent browsers or environments, automated frameworks like Selenium, phantom JS, or headless chrome, and altered user agents and bot cookies to detect even the most sophisticated bot traffic.

Obtain faster detection and mitigation times

Instart’s bot management technology is constantly adapted based on analysis of traffic patterns across Instart’s vast network. Rules are automatically created when new bot activity is detected and applied to our edge immediately to mitigate any attacks on your apps.

Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform

Along with the core features of the Instart WAAP platform, you also benefit from deep visibility, comprehensive threat intelligence and AI/ML driven automation, cross-platform APIs, a single configuration and reporting engine, and the ability to secure all your web properties from the origin to the browser.

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Key features

Detect and block bot attacks before they impact your web app

Instart Bot Management takes a unique approach to defeat sophisticated bot attacks. By collecting signals across both the client and server to validate sessions, Instart is able to utilize low-level fingerprints from the browser environment, user input, and more to differentiate humans from even the most sophisticated bots.

Browser fingerprinting

Low-level signal collection in the browser and on the edge to fingerprint bots by interrogating and confirming correct JavaScript, API, and user-agent characteristics.

Mobile validation

Instart provides native iOS and Android libraries to protect application APIs from sophisticated bot attacks.

Block or rate limit all bot traffic

Easily build conditional rules to block or rate limit all bot traffic across the globe, or flag bot traffic for later analysis.

Bot attack response workflow

Attack analysis and mitigation based on specific security events like ASNs, IPs, user agents, and geographies.

WAAP platform features

Instart Bot Management includes role-based access control, RESTful API management for configuration, a powerful custom rule builder interface, single-click protection rules, and other management capabilities provided by the Instart WAAP platform.

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Common threats

Instart Bot Management prevents these types of attacks

Credential stuffing attacks

Credential stuffing attacks are automated attempts to gain access to accounts by repeatedly trying stolen credentials over and over again until access is gained. Once inside, attackers can steal personal information, make fraudulent purchases, or compromise other systems.

Inventory holding attacks

Inventory holding attacks occur when automated bots add a product to a shopping cart without actually purchasing the item, otherwise known as inventory holding. These attacks are used to prevent real customers from buying inventory or give attackers time to scalp the inventory on other sites.

Gift card fraud

Gift card fraud is when bots automate attempts to guess gift card numbers. Attacks will insert random numbers into a website form, such as a form used to a check card balance. Bot Management is able to detect the synthetic environments used by attackers to automate these attacks and prevent them from accessing the validation service. Instart can also silently flag these requests as they are sent to your origin so you can respond back rather than directly blocking traffic.

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Detect and block sophisticated bots from impacting your web apps