Bot attack response workflow

Instart Bot Management provides a single pane of glass to react and respond to every bot attack as they happen to prevent fraud and abuse.

One screen to rule them all

Instart Bot Management provides closed-loop attack analysis and mitigation to help you quickly detect and block bot attacks in real time. Collect detailed security events for every bot attack — segmented down to specific ASNs, IPs, user agents, and geographies — and then build custom rules to throttle or block these bots based on the attack details.Rules can be deployed in warn mode first to confirm functionality, and then moved to block to stop the attack.

Detailed security events

See extremely detailed security event information to easily build specific security rules to stop attacks. Drill down into specific IPs, user-agents, ASNs, browsers, or geographies to pinpoint attacks.

Aggregate trends

Overview of all bot security events collected by Instart to see malicious attack trends over time, layered by specific security event details.

Conditional rules

Configure new security rules that protect against highly sophisticated bot attacks with a simple visual rule builder, which leverages event specifics from our global security rules.

Warn-and-block mode

Easily test rule functionality in warn mode before flipping the switch to deploy rules against bot attacks.

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