User and browser validation

Instart Bot Management collects low-level signals in the browser and on the edge to fingerprint bots.

Differentiate between human and bot traffic

Instart Bot Management collects low-level signals across both the edge and the client to validate the browser, environment, and user behavior of incoming requests. This information is used to detect sophisticated bot attacks that are typically hard to differentiate from human traffic because they replicate all the common signals that real human traffic broadcasts.

Our unique client-cloud presence not only enables probing the user agent and environment to detect automated frameworks, but also confirms that requests are actually generated from the browser they claim to be. Bot Management also combines analysis of JavaScript execution and user interaction behavior to ensure  that sophisticated, automated bots are not allowed to reach your website. As a result, sophisticated bots can be easily differentiated from real human browsing and blocked or rate limited accordingly.

Browser signals

Low-level information about browser version compared with how that browser behaves, what APIs it consumes, and more enables Instart to understand if the browser is what it says it is.

Environment signals

Analysis about how the browser and device interact with your web app — including whether cookies are valid and JavaScript executes correctly

User interaction signals

User-interaction events like mouse movements, touch events, and scrolling are collected and analyzed to see if they correctly match the device and environment.

Navigation signals

Collection of how requests access API endpoints or other sensitive pages to see if the correct navigation path was taken, or if they are directly reloading or accessing sensitive pages.

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