Why Instart beats the bot management competition

Instart provides complete web app protection against even the most sophisticated bad bots.

What makes Instart unique

Increasingly sophisticated bots are becoming nearly impossible to distinguish from real human visitors, making protecting your web apps, your customers, and your brand from automated fraud very difficult. Traditional bot management solutions with anomaly-based detection don’t provide enough information to accurately identify bots every single time. Instart Bot Management makes it easy to understand bot intent and stop attacks thanks to the low-level signals collected on the client and in the cloud.

Fact-based bot detection

Uses a unique client/cloud detection system that collects rich low-level signals at runtime in the browser to enable fact-based detection. Instead of guessing if it's a human or a bot, Instart can accurately distinguish that browser automation is in use as opposed to a human at the controls.

Complete web security

Provides unmatched complete end-to-end protection of your web applications and APIs for the wide variety of threats on the web, including traditional infrastructure attacks like DDoS or SQL/LDAP injection to automation attacks, such as bots, and the latest web skimming attacks occurring in the browser.

Enterprise ready

Offers a complete set of analytics and controls via UI and API that allow administrators to create both simple and complex rules using a visual rule builder with access to both client- and cloud-based criteria, plus a rich set of RBAC, data export, and compliance capabilities required for the modern enterprise.

Comparison of Instart vs. Other bot management solutions

Bot Protection
Volumetric bot protection
Datacenter-based browser bots
Human-mimicking browser botsExcellentModerateModerateModerate
Bot detection approachFact-basedBehavior-guessingBehavior-guessingBehavior-guessing
Complete Web Security
DDoS protectionvia Imperva
Web application firewallvia Imperva
API protectionLimitedLimitedLimited
Third-party code monitoring
Form data change protection
Cookie data protection
Cookie data access protection
Enterprise Ready
Simple block rules
Complex block rules
Configuration flexibilityExtensiveLimitedLimitedLimited
Centralized network lists
Detailed security event filtering
Role-based access control
Data export capabilities
PCI Level 1
SOC 2 compliance

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