Managed security for bot management

Instart Bot Management offers Managed Security Services to proactively react and respond to bot attacks.

An extension of your security operations center

Instart Bot Management provides Managed Security Services to act as an extension of your security team, providing dedicated resources and proactive attack response to bad bot attacks in real time. Managed Security Services report on ongoing threats, attacks other customers are experiencing, and combine intelligence from outside data feeds to help secure your website or web app against attacks — even attacks from high-sophistication bots that mimic human behavior.

Proactive monitoring

Instart Managed Security Services continuously monitor your web apps and websites for new incoming attack traffic and abnormalities.

Security rule tuning

Security rules are tuned and configured by security experts to reduce false positives and improve attack detection.

Threat research

Managed Security Services combines intelligence from all Instart customers, outside data feeds, and a global honeypot infrastructure to build and deploy custom rules before you are even under attack.

Attack response

Instart is here to help whenever you are under attack — our dedicated resources are always available to help you mitigate attacks.

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