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The first intelligently automated enterprise CDN

Finding the right balance between speed and security when delivering your web applications is not easy. In a world where your customers can be anywhere, and they are connecting to your web apps from their choice of device and network connection, the expectation for always on, always available, and always secure experiences is paramount. Instart’s worldwide caching, adaptive performance technologies, and scalable network combined with automatically applied optimizations and minimal management easily provide a great experience for all your customers.

Deliver fast web apps

Leverage our global footprint of ultra-fast edge caching locations to store images, code, and content close to your customers to dramatically improve web app performance.

Accelerate personalized experiences

In addition to static content optimizations, dynamically generated content, like personalized pages, is streamed to achieve similar performance to cached content, giving your visitors amazing personalized experiences.

Gain insight and visibility

Robust analytics provide detailed visibility on caching, origin health, and general performance to help you identify potential issues and optimize your environment.

Automatically optimize content

Instart automatically applies optimizations to HTML, images, and JavaScript to minimize the bandwidth needed across the last mile and improve performance.

Offload backend infrastructure

Reduce load on your origin infrastructure, automatically handle spikes in traffic, and reduce your cloud provider bandwidth costs.

Achieve high availability

Automatically route around network issues, retry requests with backup origins, and even serve cached content from our edge if your backend goes down keeping your site up and running with high availability.

Experience performance with security

Our CDN is a foundational building block of our security technologies. Instart is more than just your bandwidth, it’s also a powerful front line defense for your online assets.

Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform

Along with the core features of the Instart WAAP platform, you also benefit from deep visibility, comprehensive threat intelligence and AI/ML driven automation, cross-platform APIs, a single configuration and reporting engine, and the ability to secure all your web properties from the origin to the browser.

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Key features

An intelligent CDN that goes beyond caching

Instart CDN combines modern, worldwide infrastructure with automatic content optimizations and easy management to give your web app the best possible performance with the least amount of overhead. The static and dynamic content from your web app, images, and JavaScript are all optimized and delivered quickly to your customers, regardless of what device they are on or where in the world they are. The result is the most intelligent, secure, and easy to operate enterprise CDN, backed by the worlds best web app and API protection platform.

Advanced caching support

Simple to complex caching rules can be created based on criteria like headers, cookies, geography, device, browser, OS, and more. Tiered caching can be enacted to offload origin pressure.

Layer 7 routing and edge logic

Intelligent anycast and Geo-IP routing combined with Layer 7 routing rules easily control all traffic and allow routing to multi-origin and microservice architectures.

Dynamic page optimization

Streaming of dynamic HTML and Javascript resources provide cached-like performance for resources that need a return trip from the origin.

Global network acceleration

Proprietary first, middle, and list mile optimizations and protocols to ensure the fastest transit times.

Support for the latest standards

Content is automatically compressed for each specific endpoint, and the latest protocols are supported including HTTP/2, TLS1.3, and Zero-RTT.

Automatic image compression and transcoding

Intelligent image optimization system uses machine learning to classify and compress images and then convert them to the correct format for each browser.

Intuitive management and powerful APIs

Complete control of the Instart CDN through the self-service portal that provides easy access to cache policies, cache purging, image compression tuning, transcoding configuration, and content optimizations.

WAAP platform features

Instart CDN includes role-based access control, RESTful API management for configuration, a powerful custom rule builder interface, single-click protection rules, and other management capabilities provided by the WAAP platform.

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Use cases

Instart CDN helps with these app delivery use cases

Worldwide content delivery

Instart CDN provides highly scalable and available global infrastructure to ensure your content is delivered quickly to customers all over the world no matter where your origin is located.

Web app performance improvement

Instart CDN improves baseline page performance metrics like time-to-first byte (TTFB), DOMContentLoaded, and onload, as well as reduces the overall weight of the page to improve the speed, availability, and reliability of your web app, so that all customers have a great experience regardless of their location, device or connection.

Cloud and hybrid deployed web apps

With Instart CDN, all web application traffic is easily routed through our global proxy network, maintaining user and session persistence with your back end apps, and delivering consistent, seamless experiences to customers with your cloud or hybrid deployed origin.

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