Javascript Streaming

The growing use of JavaScript libraries and frameworks has made web applications more interactive, faster to code, and easier to use. It has also made web pages larger than ever, impacting download performance. End users are often forced to wait as JavaScript code is downloaded and parsed, even if much of that code is never used.

Instart Logic’s JavaScript Streaming feature improves web performance by breaking down monolithic JavaScript code into related fragments and streaming those fragments to the browser in prioritized order.

How JavaScript Streaming Works

JavaScript Streaming analyzes scripts included in web applications and determines what code is commonly used and what code is not. Once the commonly used code is identified, an optimized version of the file containing only the necessary JavaScript is created, and new visitors will receive this optimized file. This improves performance by reducing the amount of data transferred and the amount of code that must be processed by the browser, thereby improving performance for users.

If a user attempts to perform an action that requires JavaScript that has not already been downloaded, our endpoint-aware application delivery architecture allows us to transparently deliver the required code to the end user, allowing them to interact with your web application as expected. All of this is handled completely transparently by the Instart Logic platform, requiring no changes to your application or additional downloads or installations by your end users.