Why Instart beats the competition

Instart provides complete web app protection from the origin to the browser.

What makes Instart unique

Increased application complexity, zero-day vulnerabilities, and a rapidly evolving threat landscape makes protecting your customers, your brand, and your web apps difficult. Appliance and edge-only products don’t provide the scale or flexibility to stay ahead of these threats — nor do they offer a complete set of protections from your origin all the way into the browser. The Instart platform was developed to provide best-in-class protection and easily adapt to emerging threats.

Comprehensive web app security

Delivers an end-to-end web app security platform to protect your entire web app from origin attacks, automated fraud, and browser-based skimming, unlike a combination of traditional network-based point solutions that leave gaps in your security posture and only protect your origin.

Fact-based bot detection

Provides low-level signal collection on the client paired with server-side anomaly detection to detect and control all bot activity in your web apps, unlike behavioral guessing bot detection solutions that only see network anomalies and can be fooled by sophisticated bots manipulating their environment and cookies.

Runtime web skimming protection

Enforces security rules within the browser to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data contained in form fields and cookies, unlike JavaScript auditing tools that only tell you if you've been infected, and network-based security that have no ability to see or stop data exfiltration in the browser.

Comparison of Instart vs. Other web application security solutions

Bot Protection
Volumetric bot protection
Datacenter-based browser bots
Human-mimicking browser botsExcellentPoorPoorModerateModerate
Bot detection approachFact-basedBehavior-guessingBehavior-guessingBehavior-guessingBehavior-guessing
Web Skimming Protection
1st party code protection
3rd party code protection
Form data access monitoring
Form data access protection
Form data change protection
Cookie access monitoring
Cookie data access protection
Cookie data change protection
Web App Firewall
Web application firewall
Ultra-low latency inspection
OWASP rules
Virtual application patching
Endpoint reputation
API Protection
API throttling
Injection attack protection
iOS API protection
Android API protection
Global CDN
Advanced CDN
Layer 7 routing$$
User prioritization$$
Advanced image performance$$Basic
Image adaptation$$
Dynamic HTML preformance
Advanced JavaScript performance
DDoS Mitigation
Always-on active scrubbingDepends
Network layout scrubbing
Application layer scrubbing
Advanced rate limiting
Custom DDoS rulesBasic

$$ - service is available for an additional cost

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