Instart Web Skimming Protection

Zero-trust model for sensitive data protection

Deep browser-level controls to protect form fields and cookies from unauthorized JavaScript access.


Get control where you need it — in the browser

Modern web apps rely on JavaScript to bring enhanced functionality, but these scripts open them up to the possibility for attacks which target your customers’ PII. JavaScript, whether your own code or from a third-party, has complete access to a web page, meaning any script has the ability to skim sensitive data. Instart gives you control over which sensitive data JavaScript can access in the browser so your customer’s data stays safe and you avoid privacy violations.

Protect your customers’ sensitive data

Instart’s zero-trust model prevents access to your customers’ personal information by limiting all JavaScript access to HTML form fields and cookies, except for those which are explicitly allowed.

Insulate your website from exploited third-party code

If a third-party JavaScript has a vulnerability or is exploited by an attacker, such as Magecart, the security of your website is impacted. Instart prevents access to website data by any JavaScript except for those which are explicitly allowed.

Reduce your risk of GDPR and CCPA violations

Instart reduces the attack surface for data exfiltration and the subsequent issues associated with GDPR or CCPA by preventing unnecessary JavaScript access to form fields and cookies.

Protect your brand

Our web skimming protection technology was created to safeguard sites that collect any type of customer information from data and credit card e-skimming attacks. Instart defends against these and other similar attacks, preventing your business from being the next big headline.

Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform

Along with the core features of the Instart WAAP platform, you also benefit from deep visibility, comprehensive threat intelligence and AI/ML driven automation, cross-platform APIs, a single configuration and reporting engine, and the ability to secure all your web properties from the origin to the browser.

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Key features

JavaScript can't steal what it can't see

Instart Web Skimming Protection gives you precise control over what JavaScript is able to access on a webpage. Instart runs within your customers’ browsers along with your own code, providing you with full control over all your JavaScript calls.

Form protection

Whitelist only the JavaScript that legitimately needs access to form content by preventing the reading of form data, such as passwords, social security numbers, or credit card information, from unauthorized scripts.

Cookie protection

Control cookie access by preventing the reading of private data within cookies, such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers, from unauthorized scripts.

Third-party JavaScript control

Granular control over third-party JavaScript allows you to manage the content the scripts can access on a web page as well as whether they are allowed to run at all.

Unauthorized script access alerting

Proactive alerting when unauthorized access to form fields or cookies is detected.

Cutting-edge nanovisor technology

Instart’s nanovisor, a patented JavaScript virtualization technology allows agentless visibility into JavaScript activity within the web browser, delivering the benefit of unrivaled control.

WAAP platform features

Instart Web Skimming Protection includes role-based access control, RESTful API management for configuration, a powerful custom rule builder interface, single-click protection rules, and other management capabilities provided by the Instart WAAP platform.

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Common threats

Instart Web Skimming Protection prevents these types of attacks

Web skimming

Web skimming attacks, also known as e-skimming or data skimming attacks, happen when personally identifiable information (PII), either entered into a browser or stored in a cookie, is leaked to unauthorized third-parties.

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Magecart attacks

Magecart attacks, or digital payment card skimming, leverage JavaScript skimmers to listen for payment information as it is entered into a website by customers on a checkout page.

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XSS attacks

Cross-site scripting attacks are performed by injecting JavaScript into areas of a website where users can provide information, such as forums or comment boxes. These attacks are used to steal private data stored within cookies, coerce users into downloading malicious attachments, or tricking users into navigating to alternate versions of websites.

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