Instart Tag Control

Secure and control the third-party scripts on your website

Instart Tag Control gives you complete control of the third-party scripts and tags that impact the security, performance, and reliability of your website.

Reduce supply chain risk and prevent performance and reliability issues

Instart Tag Control gives you back control right where you don’t have it— in the browser. The way modern websites are built means relying on first-party and third-party code to give your customers great experiences, but unless these third-party tags work perfectly, your site is opened up to possibilities for security vulnerabilities or degraded site performance. Tag Control gives you the ability to control if and when third-party tags load and what sensitive data they can access. Deliver a safe, reliable experience every time customers visit your website — no exceptions.

Want to understand how your third-party tags affect your website?

Try our free Tag Analysis Report to see the performance impact and potential security risks of your website's third-party tags.

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