Tag rules

Instart Tag Control uses granular controls to delay and block third-party scripts at runtime in the browser.

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Take back control of your website

Third-party services add amazing functionality to your website and allow your teams to work smarter and faster, but they can have an immense impact on the performance and security of your website if not controlled properly. Instart Tag Control gives you a way to decide when a tag loads on a page, or if it loads at all, with simple policies to control third-party tags. This takes place right in the browser at runtime, extending the ability of your teams to react to incidents without relying on production updates or 24-hour support.

Defer scripts

Third-party JavaScript services do their best to maintain uptime and performance, but you can’t prevent them from having a bad day. Prevent a slow-loading tag from breaking the experience of your customers by dynamically deferring that script to load after key events like DOMcontentloaded or onLoad to reduce the performance impact.

Block scripts

If a third-party suffers an outage or does not respond, you can block a broken tag from loading and executing in real time. This allows your customers to continue browsing without disrupting their experience.

Granular policies

Create conditional policies for tags based on device type, browser, geography, domain, page, or path. Rules can be applied to specific services based on browser or device type, or you can apply rules globally to every tag on your website.

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