Instart Web Application Firewall

Reduce detection time and provide faster remediation with a cloud WAF

Prevent sophisticated cyber attacks like SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, Server Side Forgery, and more.


Proactive security to protect your web infrastructure

Bugs in your web application code happen as even the best developers are open to error. But some bugs can give attackers access to your most sensitive data assets. Instart’s WAF anticipates and intercepts threats before they make it to your servers, protecting your web application from being exploited.

Get lower detection times and faster mitigation

Instart’s WAF is constantly adapted based on threat intelligence, industry data feeds, as well as expert research and development. When new or emerging threats are discovered, customers are able to remediate them quicker.

Achieve advanced security without latency

Instart has a long history in web performance which is built into everything we do. Our cloud WAF has been optimized and tuned to keep your website secure, while maintaining performance.

Utilize security without complex implementation

Our cloud-based platform makes it simple to deploy our WAF in front of all of your online properties. Whether transitioning off physical appliances or protecting cloud workloads, customers realize the benefits of cloud-scale with infrastructure that meets even the most demanding loads.

Migrate your apps to the cloud without worrying about security

As you migrate your apps to the cloud, traffic no longer routes through your security appliances, rendering them redundant. Our cloud-based solution is designed to simply integrate with your application, regardless of where it is located.

Gain higher accuracy security by reducing false-positives

Security is difficult to manage as there is a fine line between blocking malicious activity while still allowing legitimate access. Instart’s WAF reduces false positives through intelligent anomaly detection algorithms, improving detection accuracy.

Free up your security experts for other projects

Instart’s WAF technology is constantly updated to detect the latest threats and attacks. With autonomously driven configurations backed by both artificial and expert-driven intelligence, you don’t need to worry about keeping a resource focused on WAF.

Leverage powerful core features from the Instart WAAP platform

Along with the core features of the Instart WAAP platform, you also benefit from deep visibility, comprehensive threat intelligence and AI/ML driven automation, cross-platform APIs, a single configuration and reporting engine, and the ability to secure all your web properties from the origin to the browser.

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Key features

Improve the security and availability of your web apps

Instart Web Application Firewall provides end-to-end security for your entire web infrastructure to stop highly sophisticated application layer attacks. Our WAF provides out-of-the-box coverage for the OWASP Top 10, as well as customized protection rules with single-click deployment for advanced attacks.

Coverage for the OWASP Top 10 and beyond

Includes protection against attacks defined by OWASP. In addition, Instart provides over 100 additional rules to combat other types of attacks generated from our threat intelligence and analytics.

One-click rule deployment

Advanced rules, created by Instart security experts, are constantly sent to combat new threats. Customers can enable these rules with a single click.

Anomaly scoring

Leverages a unique anomaly scoring system to reduce false positive results, combining the results of multiple rules and only blocking traffic after a tunable threshold has been reached.

Increased detection accuracy

All security events from the WAF are collected, aggregated, analyzed, and used to improve the detection accuracy of all your rules.

WAAP platform features

Instart Web Application Firewall includes role-based access control, RESTful API management for configuration, a powerful custom rule builder interface, single-click protection rules, and other management capabilities provided by the Instart WAAP platform.

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Common threats

Instart Web Application Firewall prevents these types of attacks

SQL injection

SQLi attacks manipulate web code into executing unintended queries against datastores. These attacks are often the result of application flaws where user-supplied data has not been sanitized and their impact can range from data theft to remote code execution.

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Cross-site scripting

XSS attacks inject client-side scripts into web pages which are then viewed by other web visitors. These scripts can steal cookies and other PII as well as perform data skimming. XSS attacks are enabled through vulnerabilities in website code or third-party JavaScript libraries being used to provide functionality like chatbots and shopping carts.

Server-side request forgery

SSRF attacks trick servers into reading or writing to internal resources, such as files or datastores. In a SSRF attack, the attacker will supply a maliciously-crafted URL which directs the server to perform unintended actions, such as reading Amazon AWS metadata.

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Stop and prevent highly sophisticated application layer attacks

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